Wednesday, June 2, 2010

False Labor

Hans and I have been on pins and needles just waiting for word that our Knotty Cat is ready to go. And when we got the phone call that said, "C'mon down!!" we were like Yeeeee Haaaww!!! and ran around like chickens with our heads cut off (including Wilbur who loves an excuse to turn inside out) trying to get everything together.

But we received another call this afternoon, and it said, "Oops, false alarm!" And we weren't so happy.

So, what's holding things up?

A simple little $3 part! That's what!

In order for our propellers to survive salt water, they need these adorable little donut shaped things called zincs! Zincs are sacrificial and they give up their life by attracting the corrosive salt water to them, therefor saving the steel props.

Isn't that heroic?

Anyway our boat has been on the hard for months now and this should have been taken care of a long time ago. But now it appears that our props are different, they are special, and while in some cases that might be an attractive trait, we're not finding it especially endearing at this time.

There was talk of having them overnighted (if they can even find them!) and guess who will be footing the cost of that? Certainly not the boat yard!

So after this initial false labor we're a little less inclined to get worked up when the next "C'mon down" phone call arrives!

Stay tuned.

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