Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hot, hot, hot!

Yes folks, it's hot!! Like over 90 degrees something hot, and we're still anchored in Oxford. In an attempt to cool off we took Wilbur for a dinghy ride into town where there's a little park. The park itself is heavily shaded, very breezy, and has an accessible shoreline for Wilbur to cavort about.

However Wilbur doesn't just cavort, he goes absolutely ape shit and after sticking his head completely under water and then swallowing all kinds of icky seaweed things, he charges out of the water like he's just been goosed by a thousand watt eel! It's all I can do to hold on to him and yesterday he managed to snap the plastic D-ring on his pink polka dot life jacket. Don't' worry it's been fixed and now a pretty purple knotted line has taken it's place.

We then headed over to Schooner's so Hans could watch some World Cup Soccer. Hans sat inside the air conditioned restaurant while I waited outside in the sweltering heat with a panting pit bull.
No problem though, I had a New York Times Crossword with me and enjoyed many draft beers with my late lunch.
Wilbur had a good time too and spread his Pit Bull Good Will Ambassadorship to all who cared to stop and give him a pat.

Back on the boat Wilbur and Hans enjoy a refreshment.

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