Friday, July 29, 2011

A Big Move

So we're moving.

Just like that.

I've lived in Pennsylvania my entire life (over half a century! Ouch!) and all of a sudden I'm going to live in Florida (a whole different kind of animal!). Which is kind of funny because just a few years ago I told Hans to not even think of it! when he expressed the possibility that we might end up there.

The lesson here? Never say never.

Hans got a job offer in Florida that's too good to pass up and since the boat is already down there we figured what the heck. We bought the boat with the intention of living on it and now we will. We'll just be in a marina and don't think for a minute that I'm going to complain about that.

Anchors don't drag in marinas (it only takes once to scare the bejesus out of you).

Marinas supply you with shore power for little things like air conditioning.

In Florida.

Marinas have shower facilities (so does the Knotty Cat, but why use ours if we can use theirs), swimming pools, free WiFi, washers and driers, and are within walking distance of restaurants, stores, movie theaters, etc...

Wilbur is happy to know that there are beaches, parks, and day care centers that cater to the poochies.

The Knotty Cat at anchor, soon to be in a marina.

Wilbur in action at our local dog park, and he just loves a good game of tug-o-war! See that little snout? He's our piggy that's for sure! I just hope he makes as many friends in Florida that he's made here in our Big City.

Wilbur loves the park but he hates his harness. He hides from me as soon as I get it out. He says the dogs at the park make fun of him and call it his training bra. But since it's the only way I can really control him on his leash I told him to just suck it up!

So here's where things get interesting. We need to move the Knotty Cat through Lake Okeechobee and over to the west coast of Florida. We will have to navigate through four locks, and many draw bridges. Not normally a big deal but with the drought that's currently affecting the south, the locks are on a limited schedule which will slow us down. Most of the bridges require a three hour notice (??) and I discovered that one particular bridge has a 49 foot clearance. Our Knotty Cat's mast is 50 feet! But we've been assured that with the low water level we should be okay.


All of this wouldn't be such a big deal but we have to have the boat in our marina by the end of August as we both have flights to catch. Hans to Europe for work, and me back home for some family obligations.

Wilbur will be boarding at Day Care. That lucky dog!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Wilbur gone Viral!

If anyone out there is still reading our blog you've just got to get over to Two Pitties in the City and check out their latest post.

Because Wilbur plays a starring role, that's why!

I can't remember how I found the Two Pitties blog but once I did, I was hooked. They are possibly the most responsible pet owners I've ever encountered, their posts are informative and fun, and you just can't help but fall in love with Miss M (I call her the Divine Miss M) and her partner Mr. B. Actually, now that I think about it I believe it may be their fault that I ended up adopting Wilbur.

Anyway they are having a contest and it involves being a tourist with your dog. They are running several posts from different bloggers throughout the summer and the post that gets the most comments (on the Two Pitties blog and Facebook page) will win a $100.00 donation toward the rescue/animal shelter of the winners choice.

See, I told you they were nice! So go on over there and comment away!

"Two Pitties in the City featured my fantastic pitty self on their blog???????"

Sorry folks, but Wilbur just fainted!