Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tying the knot on the Knotty Cat

Last month Hans and I finally tied the knot.

It's not like we were in a hurry or anything considering we'd been engaged for over four years but after Hans' awful car wreck in January we just decided that it was time. Originally, we were going to have a small ceremony with a notary and a couple of witnesses but a week after we applied for our license my daughter passed away. Needless to say, we postponed the ceremony but since the license was already paid for and was only good for two months we went ahead and got married anyway. But now instead of just a couple of witnesses, my other two children were able to attend, along with Hans' baby brother, a hockey friend of Hans, and a childhood friend of mine and her husband.

We had a full house.

Last minute galley preparations. My baby girl Becca is helping the bride(zilla).

Wilbur the ring bearer took his role seriously and tried very hard to appear manly. The rest of the time he played kissy face with every hapless innocent who was unfamiliar with his affectionate pitty ways.


My wonderful groom.

The ceremony was performed at the bow while at anchor. And yes it was pretty windy.

My bouquet (Publix!) matched my home made dress perfectly.

Hans, and his baby brother, who was able to come down from Toronto for our big day.
Becca, Bridezilla, and my oldest, Ryan.

The blended family.
Becca, Bridezilla, New Step Daddy, Ryan.

This post is just the tip of the iceberg. There has been so much going on around here it makes my head spin but I really wanted to get something/anything positive going here. And we received pictures from Hans' brother too, so I'll warn you now to be prepared for even more wedding photos and a really great video.
And what wedding doesn't suffer from a bit of craziness? Ours occurred the night before but more on that later.
Unfortunately my computer has been acting up and blogger went and made some updates that sent it into a tizzy and now I can't download pictures (I was lucky to get these posted before the breakdown).

The evening after the wedding was over and the dust had finally settled, we were relaxing in the salon when Hans asked Baby Girl how she felt about him finally being her official step-father and no longer 'Future Step Daddy' as she had often referred to him. She was slouched on the settee and busy with her IPad but she stopped long enough to scrunch up her face and think about it. Her response was, "Can I have an allowance now?"

And when I asked Hans how he felt about everything he said, "At least Wilbur isn't a bastard anymore."

The former 'bastard' would like to know when I'm going to go to bed so he can stretch out. Apparently while I try to post on my blog, I seriously inhibit him.

Yeah, right! Because as soon as we go to bed, the little man will be right there between us with his big pitty paws which he'll then kick the hell out of us with while he has wild dog park dreams.