Friday, December 23, 2011

Oh Crap, it's Christmas!

...and I'm simply not ready.

Back in the day when I had two jobs and no personal time I had an excuse for not being prepared.

So I guess this year I'll blame my procrastination on the weather. Today we found ourselves sweating by 9 AM with unseasonably warm temperatures and just how Christmasy is that? I mean how does one get into the holiday spirit while one is sweating one's butt off??

But I finally paid attention to the calender and got busy.

I only hope my Baby Girl understands that her nicest mail order gift from me will most definitely be delayed as I inadvertently transposed the numbers of my new address (and I was sober for God's sake!) and her gift is now most likely sitting in limbo in some U.S. Postal hell hole! The presents I did manage to buy will be packed in my checked baggage and hopefully cushioning a case of beer and a bottle of bourbon since we will be arriving in our old home town long after the local distilleries are closed.

So anyway, I'm not wrapping presents until we get to our hotel room on Christmas Eve since I think if I tried to ram a bunch of wrapped presents into our luggage they would all get torn.

Wilbur will be spending the holiday at his Doggy Day Care and it just won't be the same without him. But don't worry about the little pistol, today he managed to scarf down a raw steak that I had sitting out and marinating. Wilbur seems to have a built in sonar for the holidays and he will not be left out. So far during his nearly two years on this earth he's inhaled a pumpkin pie, a butterscotch cream pie, an entire pan of brownies, two bowls of shrimp, and now a steak.

So please don't pity this pitty!