Thursday, June 3, 2010

Finally, this is it!

Today we received word that except for the radar (who needs it anyway?), The Knotty Cat is good to go.

How on earth does one decide what to take and what to leave behind? I've learned through past experience that a summer sailing wardrobe is very simple; shorts, t-shirt, and boat shoes.

And since this isn't a fashion show, they can be worn more than once!

But how about excursions ashore? Well guess what? Not one soul will know that the sundress you're wearing today was worn somewhere else a few days ago!!

And since I have a feeling I'm in charge of laundry detail, if you want something washed, it damn well better be dirty!

Last week we hit the Carnegie Library Book Sale in Squirrel Hill and I ended up with 15 paper backs. Some marinas have a very informal 'library loan' plan where you drop off your used books and pick up someone elses. I hope we find a few of these as we make our way north because 15 books aren't going to last very long.

Our refrigerator and cupboards needed to be emptied and I had to decide whether to bring things like flour, sugar, baking powder etc... will I be baking bread or not? We are very lucky in that our galley has a lot of storage space (even more than some small apartments), and my mother gave me the cutest little baking set for my birthday and it fits our small oven perfectly.

Hans solved my how the hell do I pack all this shit problem, by suggesting we use our suitcases.


We filled two of them with the contents of my cupboards, and things like spices and cook books went into the front pockets! (the luggage will then be left in our SUV) Two huge duffel bags, beach bags, and tote bags are full of clothes, towels, sheets, shoes, books, toiletries, dog supplies, cat supplies... and in the morning we'll have to find a place for the dog crate and covered litter box! I'll also have to fill three coolers with the contents of the refrigerator.

I only hope I remember to drug the cat upon waking up or I may just strap myself to the roof for our five hour drive. Believe me, that would be a piece of cake compared to riding with a thirteen year old cat who can scream for hours without ever drawing a breath!!

I did manage to sew a bag made from the Sunbrella fabric I found at Loom, in the Strip District.

Loom is a fabric/notions store that opened last October. Good for me (but bad for them) I only discovered them a month ago. I've included a link to their store but you really have to physically get your butt there to see how really fabulous it is!!!

So here's my bag and while I'm not thrilled with the red cord (blue would look better and I can always change it) I think it will work just fine.

I also made a little zippered wallet to go with it.

I may wear the same thing every day on the boat but I insist upon being fashionable while ashore!!

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