Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Fine and Friendly Folks of Annapolis

My last post was on Sunday and we were stranded at anchor due to dead batteries. We were prepared to spend one last night in this manner but the weather was oppressively hot, we couldn't use our fans, and the dog was in distress.

Then a BoatUS tow boat zipped by us towing a little power boat and Hans said, "Let's just call them and get it over with."

And he did.

A few minutes later Cory from TowBoatUS pulled up to our boat and he may as well have been George Clooney I was so happy!

Wilbur (who has to be extremely bored with us by now) was happy too and welcomed Cory with wild leaping and tail wagging (we wish we could harness that energy). Thank God Cory is a dog lover too (he mentioned that he has two boxers) and didn't mind at all.

What a nice kid (I have no idea how old he is but I'm 50 and everyone is a kid to me!) and he couldn't have been friendlier or more helpful. He let the dog slobber all over him so that makes him okay in my book. Anyway we were soon limping our way to the dock where our electrician was due to meet us on Monday morning.

Cory, if you're reading this, once again we want to thank you! I used to be a waitress and I hated having to work on Sundays when it seemed like no one else had to!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with tying up to docks (where they have this wonderful thing called shore power which means I can use a hair dryer!!) and wonder why the hell we don't do this every night; it's like paying to stay at a hotel only without maid service. The charge is around $2.00/foot of boat length so it costs $70.00 or so per night. Not cheap.

Hmmm... I wonder what he's saying to the dispatcher? "OMG, they have a dog and a cat on board! Are they nuts?"

I think this will be our next venture.

Towing crazy people who think owning a boat is fun!!

The next day Peter, our electrician, spent a full eight hours on the Knotty Cat.

Here he is at the top of our mast replacing our spreader lights. He also rewired the spaghetti like mess under the mast in order to repair our radar, and made sense of the batteries for the first time since we've owned this boat! The previous owner did a lot of work to the boat, didn't document any of it, and then couldn't answer any questions we sent him!

I swear, we now watch the batteries more closely than I watched my kids when they were toddlers!

We gave Wilbur his own knotty play toy (he likes to chew knots and thinks the jib sheets are yummy).

Here is our little rescue pup and he's probably wondering if it's possible to be saved more than once because this trip has been completely insane!

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