Thursday, June 24, 2010

And the fun continues!

The weather forecast for today called for severe storms and gusting winds. We had thought about going far up the Pax river but with that kind of weather brewing we wanted to be in a safe harbor ahead of time.

Of course it's not storming and isn't going to (big surprise!) but luckily we found ourselves at Solomons Island.

Lucky for Wilbur too because there is a vet within dinghy and walking distance.

Yes, that's where we spent our morning and our pooch now has a bottle of $34.00 shampoo in addition to four different medications.

Trying to keep Wilbur cool with cold compresses. We also hoped it would stop the incessant digging and scratching that started a week ago and got progressively worse with each day.

He would even dig his ear so hard he would scream in pain.

Here he is after Hans and I held him down for his shampoo.

He wasn't happy and I don't think we're going to get a tip.

You can see the bare spots on his back.

The poor little guy was diagnosed with a yeast infection which is far better than mange which is what one of the tests was pointing to. Out came another scalpal for yet one more scrape across one of his raw spots for another slide. I was the lucky one who got to hold his head during this procedure, but he was a real trooper. And I'm happy to report the test came back negative!

Hans reaction to Wilbur's diagnosis was one of puzzlement.

"I thought only women could get yeast infections." He said.

Personally, I'm blaming the vest!

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