Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's my blog, so hands off!

When we started out on this journey it was agreed that Hans would do the sailing (wise move since I have no sense of direction and the act of sailing totally baffles me), and I would do the blogging.

But lately Hans has taken to critiquing my stories.

Now I'm a bit of a control freak and there are two areas I will not tolerate any interference, those being my galley and my writing.

Hans already knows it's an unwise move to go anywhere near the refrigerator. I can feel my upper lip rise in a snarl like that of a bitch guarding her new born pups if he even gets close to it. If you want something, ask for it as I know where every single item is and can snake it out of there in a heart beat. Other wise Hans throws the door wide open (you can practically hear the ice melting), asks where the jerky is, and then still can't find it anyway even after I tell him it's in the top cooler on the left hand side, and underneath the pepperoni.

About my blog.

"Why haven't you posted about the wonderful sail we made from Annapolis to Oxford all in one day with just the jib?"

"Why don't you tell everyone that the main sail looks fabulous now that all the battens are in place?"

"During the storm you should have mentioned that it lasted about ten minutes and the winds came out of the northwest, and then shifted southeast..."

I told him I'd be glad to pass that information on except that for every good thing that happens, three bad things take its place. And I'm sorry but no one wants to hear about the boring good stuff, it's the bad stuff that's fun to read. It's like getting those awful yearly Christmas card updates from friends who can't wait to brag about their kid who received a full scholarship to Harvard when your kid had to repeat pre-school.

"Do you really think it was necessary to use the 'F' word and 'a**hole' in the post about the police?"

I didn't use those words, the drunk people on the other boat did, was my defence.

"But do you think you had to write it that way? It might offend someone."

Well, gosh darn gee whiz!! This blog is about what's going on in our lives while we live on board, and that really happened!

So ^%*$@ there!!

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