Monday, May 31, 2010

Saying Goodbye...

... Kinda Sorta.

We spent this past Memorial Day weekend saying goodbye to family and friends, and now, just like the expectant parents of an overdue baby, we await the news that our Knotty Cat is ready to sail away. But I have a feeling that just like waiting for that new baby, our expectations may far exceed the actual event!

If you've ever had a baby, you'll know what I mean!
We spent Saturday at my parents' where their Doberman Kristi was less than cordial to our Wilbur, and for some reason Kristi totally resented his attempts to taste test her food. My dad consoled her as she spent the day sulking outside on the porch (Kristi is his baby).

But Wilbur was a good sport about it and, by the way, if you ever need an opinion on your pumpkin pie, Wilbur is your man! However he won't divulge his vote until he's scarfed down at least half the pie.

But at least he's honest!

Sunday we went to a wonderful BBQ hosted by my former employers (check out the fun decorations). It was supposed to be a combined Memorial Weekend Picnic/Surprise Going Away Party (for me) but thanks to Hans the surprise was kind of ruined, which was okay with me as I really don't like being surprised!

Jason my (now former) co-worker who's from the south, and whose family owned a BBQ restaurant, was the resident chef and OMG, it was fantastic!!! Of course I ate too much, and Jason, I'm really going to miss you (even without the food)!!!

I started working for Heather and Jen (of Shiny Happy Cleaners) last June and I can't believe I'm leaving already. They were wonderful employers, and Hans (Mr. MBA) commented often on how totally impressed he was with how well they ran their business.
I just loved them, and while I may not be shiny, I sure as hell was happy (Heather and Jen, I'm going to miss you too!)!!

Our ever-festive Wilbur.

We then moved on to yet another party and this one was on the Allegheny River. Hans had assured me that yes indeed, many people bring their dogs to this annual event, and Wilbur wouldn't be a problem. Well, maybe dogs had been welcome years ago, but at this stage of the game, Sassy, the resident dog (age 16 years), was even less happy with this young whippersnapper than my parents' dog Kristi.

I felt like the obnoxious parents who never know when to leave Junior at home! I was also apprised (quite suddenly) of Wilbur's strong 'prey drive'. He nearly dislocated my shoulder when a rabbit hippity hopped through the yard. If it weren't for his harness I'm pretty sure he and that rabbit would now be half way to Mars. Just a reminder that in addition to a life jacket, we'll need to make sure that Wilbur is tethered to the boat in some way whenever he's above board or we'll be getting a lot of Dog Overboard experience, and I'm too old for that.

So now we just wait....

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