Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's a small world after all.

I'm so glad we decided to stay in Green Turtle Cay for another day or we wouldn't have met Ray and Sandy, who arrived Monday afternoon aboard their boat, Megerin (a combination of their daughter's names; Meg and Erin) because they are from (believe it or not) Pittsburgh!! I kid you not! And I knew in an instant that I'd like Sandy, who while maneuvering into their slip, managed to convey to us that she was nervous about this particular landing, that she had insisted on washing her hair that morning and was worried that it looked like crap (it didn't!), and also shouted out a hello to Wilbur. I'm not kidding when I say this woman can multi task with the best of them. They then made me feel even better when we learned that they are pretty seasoned cruisers having spent at least four years in the Virgin Islands, but are a bit apprehensive about these Bahamian waters as they are a little unpredictable with their shoals and depths etc.. and we ended up enjoying a very entertaining couple of hours with them. They only arrived in the Bahamas yesterday and appear to be heading in the same direction as us so I sincerely hope we run into them again. Add Video This is an absolute first! Hans with a frou frou drink and not a beer. We both decided to 'go island' and order a Bahama Mama. I had two. And here's Winnie again. She's so incredibly sure footed and gracefull as she walks about her boat. Unfortunately we can never let our wild man off his lead or he'd end up in the drink for sure. We went over to the beach to watch the sunset on Monday night but this is what we saw instead. A storm had been brewing all day and we didn't hang around for very long. It's always beautiful from land. I'm just glad we weren't at anchor. This time.


  1. How fun and what a weird coincidence that you'd meet someone from your city! Glad you all had a good time together. And I'm like you...I'd enjoy watching that storm from land and not out on the water! The photos are pretty awesome, though.

    Smoochies to Wild Man Wilber!



  2. Great photos of the front moving through!