Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It Be My Birthday!

And I'm very happy to note that fifty-one bothers me a lot less than fifty did. I have no idea why, but I'm not going to question it.

We are still hovering around Hollywood (thanks to needing our dodger replaced and our main sail repaired yet once again), and yesterday a friend of ours lent us his car. We were off and running lickity split, and were able to accomplish quite a bit from 10 AM to 8 PM. Of course my first concern was for Wilbur, whom we could not leave on a hot boat all day long, and thanks to the Internet I found us a doggy day care.

The only draw back was the fact that here in Hollywood they are not allowed to 'socialize' pit bulls with the 'normal' population.

I kid you not!

You can see why we sometimes refer to Wilbur as 'Wilbur the Red-Nosed Pit Bull' as he's not allowed to play in other doggy's reindeer games.

Anyway, the people at Camp Canine were very nice, and since Wilbur ended up being segregated from the general pupulation (misspelling intentional), he received a lot of one on one attention from the staff. Just before I departed I got to see Wilbur having a major zoomie session (via a TV screen with video) with one of the employees. He had a blast and everyone loved him. What a shame that this lovable breed has gotten such a bad rap. I only hope it's true that 'Time wounds all heels' (get it?).

We purchased snorkeling gear (my birthday present from Hans), first aid supplies (my gift to Hans), a very deadly spear for fishing (just don't piss me off), jerry cans for water, a solar shower (mostly for me), dog food, doggy nail clippers (what a joke), a new rope toy (for Wilbur, not Hans), six weeks worth of beer (for Hans, not Wilbur), and another hundred and fifty dollars worth of groceries (added to the approximately thousand dollars worth that I've already stockpiled).

In addition to all this running around we managed to visit the cemetery where Hans' parents are buried. Hans' mother died at the age of 40 when Hans was 18 and his father died in 2001 at the age of 79. Buried with them are Hans Sr.s' mother's ashes, and my heart goes out to Hans' mother as this somehow seems a bit cruel.

Today Hans finished replacing the hoses and antifreeze on the port engine, and I did yet one more load of laundry and cut out some canvas for what I hope will become a Wind Scoop for the hatch to our berth. I also took Wilbur for a walk, and while he sniffed like a blood hound at his new favorite smell (bird poop with a side of barnacles) I tried not to have a major heebeejeebee attack when I spotted a very wet and very dead rat within a few feet of us, and luckily I was able to get Wilbur the hell out of there before he spotted it too!

An 'after daycare' picture of Wilbur.

"I don't care whose birthday it is! I love my new rope toy and that's all that matters!"

That's our boy!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Fifty-one shouldn't bother you, cause you look fantastic! Not to mention you're living young too. Heck, I'm right behind you. Snorkeling gear and a spear sound like a great way to celebrate your birthday! Oh, BTW, I laughed when you commented on our blog about your bad luck moving my way... I had actually thought of you over the weekend and was thinking the same thing!

  2. Aw Laura, dog-gone it (pun intended!) I'm sorry I missed your birthday post on your birthday! So a belated Happy Birthday, my friend. I wish I had known it was your day...I would have made something for you. But then again, where would I send it? You really have to let me know when you are back to a place that you can receive mail and then I'll send you a present! :o)

    You made me laugh so hard with the bit about burying Hans, Sr.'s mother's ashes with he and his wife.... that was just so funny!

    And I agree with you about the attitude people have toward pit bulls. It's people like Michael Vick that do horrible things to good dogs and then the breed gets a bad rap. :o(

    Wilbur looks adorable, as always!



  3. Cheryl, Thank you for the compliment (I'll take them any time I can get them!), and I sincerely hope your bad luck streak is over!

    Cindy, Hans' grandmother used to visit the family every two years for 6 whole months. Hans said by the time grandma went back to Germany his mother was on her last nerve. Grandma wasn't a bad person, it was just a case of two women living under one roof.

  4. Happy Birthday!

    A more important anniversey is- it has been XX days since the last accident aboard Knotty Cat.

    I found the pics of Wilbur after his mom got done with him most disturbing. Why do you think she did that? Do you believe that all breeds have the same temperment?


  5. Happy Birthday! I think we're a bit spoiled here in Chicago, because I was shocked to hear about the anti-pitbull stance. I guess I am in a little bubble.

  6. Happy happy happy birthday!! We watched the harbor for your boat the past few days, but of course it was too windy for you to cross. Hope to see you guys soon

  7. Hi, Laura: Enjoy your 50's! I sure enjoyed mine! I'll be back in Key Largo in about 2 weeks--hope to run into you again.


  8. Wilbur's former owners were 'back yard breeders' and all they cared about was how much money they could make off their pups. These people do not socialize their dogs and anyone knows a pregnant dog can be aggressive. I don't know about the temperments of all dogs but I know a lot of people who have pitbulls and we all find them to be very sweet.

    Two Pitties, Pit Bulls are banned here in Dade County so owners call them multi mixed breeds, or terrier crosses!

    Joey and Christine, We would love to see you guys and are really hoping you stay put for at least a week. We would like to cross on Sunday or Monday but the weather is not cooperating at all

    Greg, So far I'm enjoying my 50's and hope that it stays that way.

  9. Just to show you how thick I can be, I always thought when you said "pitties" you were make a joke. Like Tweety Bird- "Bad wittle pitties!"

    Thick as a brick, but still thin as a