Monday, February 28, 2011

Still Hanging in Hollywood

Six years ago Hans and I came down to Hollywood for Valentine's Day. We ended up at Le Tub, a very rustic restaurant with old toilets and tubs that have been re-purposed into planters full of flowers and even furniture. They make a huge pot of gumbo every day and I'm glad I got to eat some back then because they ran out of it the two times we were there this time.

Anyway it's right on the ICW and we had walked up and down the waterway and admired all the boats that were docked. Gee, wouldn't it be neat to someday arrive here and be a part of this someday we said.

And six years later we did.

It gave me goosebumps last week when we motored past Le Tub in our very own boat. Who'd have thought it would really happen.

We were able to take some friends out into the ocean on Saturday. We didn't have much wind but we did have a few left over waves from the previous day which made it a little lumpy.

There was quite a bit of traffic on the water and for God's sake why on earth everyone felt the need to cluster in one big pack is beyond me! It's an ocean! There's plenty of room for everyone.

There was one fishing boat that was trolling along with huge lines out in all directions and it even had a kite flying way off its stern that apparently dangles bait in the water in order to draw more fish in. We were under sail and when we got too close they screamed, got on the radio, and when Hans told them we were under sail and they were powering, they said, "You've got a rudder don't you? You effing sailing people are all alike!" We then watched a couple of other boats come close but we didn't hear anything on the radio. Now keep in mind these were not commercial fisherman which we do have to stay away from. I just don't know why they didn't go further out and avoid all the smaller boats.

Dave is from Pittsburgh and was very glad to get away from the weather up north.

Dave's nephew, Kevin (who lives here in FL) and his girlfriend Norelle.

Kevin works here and Norelle is finishing her degree this summer. I had such a good time talking with her and if I were twenty four I'd want to be her best friend.

Wilbur doing his best lap dog impersonation for Norelle.

We ended up having a pretty good day at sea and later on we all went to dinner. Dave's wife Kathy was able to join us after driving around for over a half hour while trying to find a parking space! I don't miss traffic.

This is what the ICW looks like from our many colored bridge.

I made this dress and was just able to finish it the night before we got on board back in January. I never thought the weather would ever be nice enough to wear it and now it's almost too hot!

Tomorrow we have access to a car and we're going to do a huge provisioning run for last minute things like snorkeling gear, dog food, etc... and then we're off to Miami.


  1. I hate to have to disagree with you twice but my understanding has always been right of way must be given to any vessel actively (trolling lines out would qualify) engaged in fishing not just commercial. These vessels have a more restricted ability to maneuver than a sailboat which gives them priority. If you need the citation, I will find it for you.

    Also, with regard to your post on Bright Eyes, your vessel (and theirs) must display an anchor light unless in a designated anchorage. Again, if you need the legalese, I’ll get it for you.


  2. Upon further research I can see I was partially wrong about the right of way issue. The following web site


    "The term “vessel engaged in fishing” means any vessel fishing with
    nets, lines, trawls or other fishing apparatus which restrict maneuverability,
    but does not include a vessel fishing with trolling lines or other fishing
    apparatus which do not restrict maneuverability."

    So trolling does not seem to count but the vessel does not have to be commercial. I still think it is bad form to cut off a trolling fisherman but the law seems to agree with you.

    Rule 30 will show the issue with regard to anchor lights.


  3. It's always great to have access to a vehicle when it's time to provision! Good sailing and great job on the dress.