Thursday, February 10, 2011


Such bizarre weather!

Tuesday was bitter cold and we ended up wearing our foul weather gear all day.

I mean, c'mon, we're in Florida!

Wednesday was beautiful and sunny, and I actually broke out my capris.

Today we wanted to dinghy ashore for some errands but a blow came through early in the morning and we had to hang on for balance while we moved around the boat. The sun never came out, the wind was bitter cold, and you can bet we did not go ashore!


Horribly cold but the sun was out and even though Wilbur was freezing he likes to be with Hans.

Greg, from Harvey, arrived the day before us and asked Hans if we wanted to do some sightseeing with him. I opted to stay at anchor with Wilbur since he's been having some separation anxiety issues (like destroying the hard plastic bottom of his crate).

Here's Greg at the Warbird Museum.

Check it out! Greg sent this treat for Wilbur. It's a piece of left over steak.

He got some for dinner last night and he'll get the rest tonight.

That dog eats better than us. We get chile dogs and Hamburger Helper.

This is what I came down here for!!

Even if it was short lived I enjoyed every second of it!!

So what does one do all day long in dreary rainy weather while the boat rolls and bucks in a very unfun way?

Torture the dog that's what.

Wilbur didn't think that taking a picture of him with a pillow on his head and dubbing him Prince Wilbur was very funny.

He's just lucky Hans drew the line at putting a dress and makeup on him!


  1. Oh, there is nothing worse than being in Florida when it's cold! It's not supposed to be cold in Florida!!!! Hope it warms up soon, or else Wilbur may be wearing your whole wardrobe! :o)



  2. I love it! Whenever we're bored, we always try to see what we can put on the dog.

  3. Cyndi, if Wilbur starts wearing my clothes he can start helping with the laundry.

    Two Pitties, I've seen what you've done to your poor dogs! Poor Mr. B doesn't like his toupee any more than Wilbur likes his crown, I'm sure.