Saturday, February 12, 2011

Next stop Velcro Beach

Also known as Vero Beach.

Apparently many cruisers discover Vero Beach to be a wonderful place to visit and then find it very difficult to leave.

Therefore: Velcro Beach.

But on to the big news.

Yesterday I posted my concerns about leaving Wilbur alone on the boat. Since we're all together pretty much 24/7 he's started having issues with being left alone. So last night when we went out to dinner with some friends we locked him in our berth along with a peanut butter kong and a bowl of water in the head.

Before we left.

"Sure, go ahead and leave me! I'll keep warm somehow."

Poor baby.

Upon our return.

"Geez, what's the big deal?"

I admit to being a little anxious while we were away and fully expected to find that we'd need to replace the door to our berth. You can imagine how relieved I was to come back and find everything was just fine and as far as we know Wilbur was a good boy.

At least we think he was. Hans left his phone behind when we went out and we're hoping we don't get a shocking phone bill full of 900 calls to Lonely Pretty Pitties in the Big Cities.


  1. ROFLMAO!!!! That photo of Wilbur all wrapped up like a pitty burrito is soooo funny! But he looks adorable! Glad that he was a good boy while you were out... Noah had separation anxiety for a couple of years, but has gotten over it now and can be left out of his crate while we are gone. I bet once you and Hans have left him a few times and he realizes that you are always coming back, he'll be fine! Hope you and Hans had a great evening out!



  2. I have so much anxiety some days leaving our dogs all locked up in our house, I can't imagine how it must feel after his big escape. Glad it went ok (or at least what we know now).

  3. Cyndi, Hans and I cracked up at the Pitty Burrito comment. That's exactly what he looks like.

    Two Pitties, we're sincerely hoping that leaving him in our berth will be a lot less tramatic than his crate. At least we hope so.

  4. Hey hey guys, checkin in. Where are you now/ did you decide to stick around Vero Beach? We made it to Miami Beach and are going to stay awhile. Its WONDERFUL here.

  5. Joey and Christine, we're still in Vero and totally enjoying sunny skies! We're looking forward to Miami which is where Hans graduated from high school.