Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Dodger and We're on Our Way!

We were going to try and get one more season out of our dodger but then a big hunk of it ripped off and we knew we needed to get it fixed. Hans called E & M Marine Canvas in the Hollywood area and even though it was Sunday, Manny answered the phone. On Monday they picked it up at our marina and after talking it over, we decided to go ahead and replace it. This morning the crew showed up and installed it. It's so nice to now have sturdy leak-free canvas with windows you can actually see through!

Here one of the workers is installing the eyes (I have no idea what their nautical name is) on the new dodger that fasten to the boat.

No plumbers here!

We had pretty nice weather all week but of course the wind had to kick up yesterday and today we left the marina in 20 knot winds. That's not really a lot of wind but it is when you're trying to get your boat out of a slip that's just a touch too small! Even though Hans did a great job we still ended up banging our dinghy outboard (it's mounted on our stern rail) on a piling.

We are now Miami bound and Hans wants to anchor in front of the home he lived in when he was in high school. I hope he was on good terms with his neighbors and they don't say, "Oh my God, he's back!"

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