Monday, March 21, 2011

There's more than one way to catch a fish

Before the winds came through Grand Cay yesterday, two other couples invited us for a drink at a raised pavilion at the end of our dock (and it's always BYOB). Even though the ladies stated that they do not like dogs I took Wilbur anyway and kept him far away from them. He was a very good boy and his feelings were a little hurt when no one told him how cute he was.

"Mama, why don't they like the pitty?" Wilbur wants to know.

This is where we sat and from here you get a bird's eye view of the harbor entrance.

While the sky continued to darken ominously and the winds began to pick up, one of the men said, "Here come the rays." I looked out over the water and immediately felt like I'd been jerked back in time to the Wild West.

Huge (at least 8 feet I'm sure) Manta (or Manta like) Rays could be seen gliding through the water of the harbor as they slowly headed toward the marina. It was like watching desperado's stroll into town complete with guns on their hips, spurs on their heels, and evil on their minds.

I didn't have my camera and probably wouldn't have gotten a decent shot anyway.

Those patches of white are sand, and at low tide stick way out of the water. They are very close to the marina and even though we only draw two and a half to three feet we were sure we were going to run aground.

The winds were still hitting hard this morning and even though we could have gone out I talked Hans into staying another day. But it paid off in the end because I'm grilling dolphin (mahi) tonight.

So how did that happen?

I call it a different kind of trolling (trawling?) and I didn't even need a lure. All I did was visit with the men in the boat next to us, and before I knew it I had a zip lock bag full of fish (Hans says he's glad now that he stayed below and out of the way). It reminded me of how years ago my friend, Michelle, and I would go out to a local bar for the evening and come home with our purses full of drink chips thanks to all the visiting out of town business men who were out for dinner. Oh, the good old days, and who'd have ever thought getting a bag of smelly fish would make me as happy as a free drink?!

Now all I have to do is find a beer boat full of slightly blind men and we'll all be happy!


  1. I too am upset no one told Wilbur how cute he is...

  2. Oh, how can anyone not like dogs...especially one as adorable as Mr. Wilbur? I love that photo of him. Please tell him I think he's awfully cute, and give him a hug for me!

    Well, you are so stinkin' cute I'm surprised those guys didn't give you a cooler of beer to go along with those fish. If you find that beer boat, though, give me a call...I'll come and join you!



  3. Luckily Wilbur ended up being fawned over by a group of people later on so he's feeling just a bit better.

    Cyndi, you can come and join us anytime! Just give us a holler, there are airports on nearly every island.

  4. I do remember the good old days. I'm remembering smoking, drinking and bruschetta. I'm also remembering a very large group of men who bought us dinner. Later that evening I remember little TJ calling me on my cell while home alone asking when I was going to come home and make him dinner. I promptly drove home after I slipped my wet pump on my foot after having drank champagne out of it to the cheers of that same group of men. I'm pretty sure that was right after I sang karaoke with the lot of them. Not completely sure, but pretty sure.

  5. Sorry Randi's name is coming up here and not mine, but you know it's from me, Michelle, right?

  6. Use your good looks whenever you can! I bet seeing those rays was an awesome sight.

  7. Michelle, I certainly do remember that night because I was a good mommy and went home before the champagne started flowing and ended up missing all the fun!

  8. Cheryl, those rays scared the crap out of me! No way will I ever get in the water if I see something like that.