Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We are being held captive...

... in Green Turtle Cay!

And the only thing about Green Turtle that I don't care for is the lousy internet service which has kept me from updating our blog. Otherwise we've had a wonderfully relaxing time here and I highly recommend it. We enjoyed a beautiful (but fishless) sail here from Foxtown and at about 6:00 PM on Friday night we were very happy to anchor in Green Turtle Cay's White Sound. And because Hans and I will happily admit to the fact that we really enjoy marina life (Electric! Worry free sleep!WiFi!) about once a week, the next morning we weighed anchor, motored a few feet and docked at Bluff House Marina.

You can see the Knotty Cat to the left of that yellow building.

Hans talking to a fellow Canadian Cruiser.

Wilbur meets Winnie. She is quite the lady and was okay as long as he didn't get in her face.

Wilbur loves the beach. Check out his sandy mustache.

Sitting at the pet friendly Jolly Roger Bar and Bistro.

And here's a huge bonus we've never heard of, and we're calling it Docking for Dollars, Boating for Bucks, and Cruising for Cash, all of which sounds a whole lot like Dialing for Dollars! After getting us signed in Hans told me that we now had credit at the dock side restaurant for the same amount that our dockage cost. This made no sense to me and I made him explain it again. Apparently Marsh Harbour started this program in order to draw boats into their marinas and it means just that. We are a 35 foot boat and to dock here it costs 1.25 per foot (and I'm amazed at how cheap the marinas are here as I thought they'd be outrageous), and that means we have 45 or so dollars worth of food and drink written off per every day we stay here (all it boils down to is that our dockage is now free). You can look at it any way you want but all I know is like I said before, Hans and I like to be at a marina once a week or so, and free food not withstanding, for us this is a huge bonus. We are also entitled to 50 gallons of water each day at no additional charge! We took huge advantage of this and hosed all the salt off our solar panels and windows and topped off our water tanks.

UPDATE!!! Docking for Dollars etc... expires this Thursday! This is because business is expected to pick up with the April season. Wow! I can't believe we actually lucked into something good for a change.

Wilbur patiently sits at my feet while we drink our 45 dollars worth of 'free' beer. At five buck each it didn't take too long! Here at White Sound there's also a beautiful white sandy beach just a short walk away and Wilbur truly enjoyed some wonderful zoomie sessions in the water. We were also able to take him to the dockside restaurant with us and he exuded as much pit bull good will ambassadorship that any pitty possibly can. We were also finally able to listen in to the 8:15 AM broadcast about the happenings here in the Abacos and get a new weather update (which was nice since the internet here sucks!). We wanted to head into town but the water taxi service charges $5.00 per person each way, and to rent a golf cart is $50.00 per day, and the way we're tied up at the marina won't allow us to deploy our dinghy. We had planned on leaving on Monday (yesterday) and move all the way from White Sound to Black Sound (just around the corner!) and anchor. We were then going to use our dinghy to go ashore and pick up a few supplies. However we both couldn't bear to leave yet so we stayed one more day and will skip Black Sound and head instead to Treasure Island where we hear they have better shopping and a three mile long white beach.

Wilbur wants us to radio ahead and have them save him a beach chair.


  1. Love Wilbur's sand mustache and the pic of him lounging on the beach chair! Glad ya'll are enjoying the beach, and what a bargain to get a credit at the marina!

  2. If I had to be held captive, that sure looks like a nice place to do it! Just beautiful. And Wilbur looks very content on his beach chair. Adorable!