Monday, April 4, 2011

Treasure Cay and on to Guana

After a couple of hours on the phone with Verizon this morning, we're hoping our Hot Spot internet connection will now be better.

Here's Wilbur at Treasure Cay. You can imagine what our boat looks like now.

The beach at Treasure Cay. If you could see it you would know why it's listed as one of the best 10 beaches in the world.

Imagine a 3 mile big swimming pool.

After 4 nights at anchor in Treasure Cay (2 days of which we couldn't get off the boat due to high winds) we moved on to Guana.

Here I am at the infamous Grabbers Bar.

This morning we moved down to a different harbor (still in Guana) and picked up a mooring. This afternoon we're heading over to Grabber's competition which is called Nippers.

All week long all I've heard from Hans is "Grabbers and Nippers!" complete with way too much grabbing! He's driving me crazy.

Our next stops are Marsh Harbor (where we can get some supplies like BEER!) and Hope Town.

It all depends on the weather.


  1. Wow, it looks like you're on an eternal vacation. Wilbur might be able to go camouflage.

  2. Well, a working vacation, maybe? And you're right, Wilbur looks just like all the curly tailed lizards we are seeing here!

  3. Love that photo of Wilbur...he looks so comfy all splayed out in the sand. I'm sure the sheets on your bed felt great after that outing! LOL!

    And OMG, that is the most beautiful and amazing-looking beach. I so wish I was there instead of here. I think Jeff and Hans would get along great...he'd be saying (Grabbers and Nippers) and doing (grabbing me) the same thing...and driving me nuts, too!

    Enjoy your time there, and I'll just be over here feeling jealous! :o)



  4. "way too much grabbing"

    Maybe if you wouldn't lay out on the on the deck like you did in a previous photo, you wouldn't have so much problem!


  5. Cyndi, I can't wait to get to a laundromat! And that sand sticks to Wilbur's tummy like you wouldn't believe, even after a stern shower. It really is beautiful here but everything depends on the weather and worrying about it can get tiresome.

    Anonymous, Hans acts the same way even when I'm in full foul weather gear!

  6. The beach does look amazing! Oh, I can't wait!