Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Time is flying by fast, and we're still not ready

All of a sudden my life has become very busy.

Yesterday I headed north to my old home town. I started at the chiropractor (to see if he could remove the serrated knife that's been jabbing me in my lower back), bought a new sewing machine (may my 2o year old work horse rest in peace), found a fur stole (yes, you read that right!) for $20.00 at the Salvation Army, visited with my parents (who've now decided to let me know they aren't thrilled with our possible live aboard lifestyle), and watched my college daughter's soccer game (they remain undefeated!!!).

Today I took Wilbur to the dog park, worked on a purse (when I should be attaching elastic to the corners of the sheets we use on the boat), packed up some more boat stuff, and then found a package at our back door.

The Bumfuzzles sent this to me as a thank you for making a crib for Baby Ouest.

A genuine Chicago Pizza (they lived in Chicago prior to their move aboard a boat)! It was totally unexpected but let me tell you it was pretty darned good! Check out their October posts for pictures of Ouest in her crib, and there's a really great one of her helping her dad put it together. The crib itself still needs some tweaking but hopefully all will work out in the end.

Tomorrow, air conditioners need to be put away, a whole butt load of boat stuff needs to be gathered together and packed into the SUV, and I still need to figure out what I'm going to do with Wilbur this Saturday. Hans will be headed to Annapolis to take a diesel engine class, I have to attend Senior Day at my daughter's soccer game, and Doggy Day Care's hours won't work for us!
Wilbur wonders why the apartment now resembles a land fill!
Probably because everything that's arrived here this week has been packed in Styrofoam and garbage day isn't until next week.

So here is the pizza shortly before we devoured it.
We loved it, but I refused to let Hans give any to Wilbur.
No way am I cleaning up what would surely be messy results of such a mistake!

Can you see the very hopeful pitty in the background?

And last but not least, Wilbur models the fur stole. My original intentions were to make a coat for him out of it, but once I took a good look at it I knew I couldn't.
It's really beautiful and very well made. Besides that, it fits me perfectly.
Anyway, Wilbur already has his own fur coat.

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  1. That pizza looks delicious! We saw the crib on the Bumfuzzle's site and you did a great job! Did you say "Senior Day" at the soccer game? No way! =)

    My mother has also informed me more than once that she's not happy with our liveaboard plans.. that's why I told her so early in the plan. She's starting to accept the idea - I think! She just might be waiting till the time is here and then let us have it! =)