Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bahamas Boat Charts and a Sunbrella Purse

We had yet one more exciting delivery today at the apartment when the charts that we ordered for the Bahamas arrived. I have a feeling that the Near Bahamas, Far Bahamas, Exumas, and Ragged Islands will never be the same after Hans, Laura, and Wilbur get finished with them.

Wilbur would like to enjoy the charts but he has an upset tummy.

How do I know this?

Well, today when I took him to the dog park (after Hans asked me with a bit of desperation in his voice, "Are you going to take Wilbur to the dog park?") I swear that during the half hour drive, the air in the car turned blue and I nearly suffocated.

Apparently Wilbur donned his 'King of Toots' crown, and I won't even begin to describe the runny messes I've cleaned up today.

We were looking all over the internet for Bahamas Charts but for some reason we couldn't seem to find the right thing. Thanks to Linda at See Yawl Later we ended up getting them from Explorer Charts.

Not only are they charts, but they're cruising guides too, and they are packed with information!

I am a procrastinator. Period. I really can't get motivated unless I have a deadline. I wish I could change this trait, and believe me I've tried but I think it's time to come to grips with what I am and quit worrying about it.

Anyway I finally finished the purse I was making out of a piece of Sunbrella fabric (I paid $5.00 for a $30.00 piece).

This is an Amy Butler Bag and while I'm not thrilled with it, it will work. Actually if I hadn't made a bazillion other purses before this, it would have been a disaster.

Luckily I did not follow all her directions, bypassed some of the interfacing suggestions, and ended up with an okay purse.

I did a passable job of matching the print on the flap with the body of the purse.

The inside has two inserts. The one in the back is zippered. I'm not at all happy with how they are attached to the main body of the bag.

Very amateurish and kinda ugly.

I would do things differently if I were to make another one, but that's just not going to happen.

The magnetic snap on the flap and the main body.

A bit of a close up of the print.

You can see the Bahamas waaay over on the right side of the bag.

Since Hans leaves for Annapolis this weekend to get our boat ready for its move to Florida, I decided to finish sewing elastic to the corners of our fitted sheets that we've had forever (it's called procrastination! See the beginning of this post). Except I'm missing one of the fitted sheets! Honest to God, I had all of them when we came back this summer and since we live in a small one bedroom apartment, where could it be?

I have no idea but I know for a fact it came home with us and has since then disappeared.

I have to wonder if fitted sheets can cause gassy problems in pit bull tummys?

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  1. Poor Wilbur... I guess I should say poor you for having to smell and clean it.

    I love the purse, it's really cute and the fabric is perfect. It's better than okay!