Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm so stinking excited because... I ordered an ice maker for our Knotty Cat.

And for me, this is a hallelujah moment, as I cannot survive without ice. I mean whoever heard of bourbon and gingerale served 'straight up or neat'?


Anyway, I sent a pathetic plea for help over to Linda at Sea Yawl Later about what kind of items we might need for some extended cruising. In reply to my question about ice (we spent about $150.00 per month on ice this summer) she told me that her husband had bought a relatively cheap ice maker at Target and that it really did the trick for them (I probably shouldn't mention that she just maybe laughed a wee bit at her husband when he told her what he did).

So this morning after I hit Dick's Sporting Goods for a new pair of running shoes (something I felt entirely necessary as my current ones were about 6 years old and I have to blame my aching hips and feet on something), I ran (in my new running shoes, oh yes I did!) to Target.

But they didn't have one. I guess here up north, ice makers aren't in huge demand.

Hey! No problem thanks to the Internet.

I ended up ordering a Koldfront Portable Ice Maker for $143.65 complete with free shipping and no sales tax!!! Imagine! A machine that can make ice cubes within minutes of pouring water into it.

And I don't even believe in miracles.

This summer we easily spent $150.00 per month on ice so even if this thing only lasted a few months it would pay for itself. Like Linda said, it's about the size of a bread making machine (not that I own one, but I can imagine) so space isn't really an issue.

Tomorrow we get pictures of our solar panels from our electrician.

Let's hope I'm as excited about them as I am about the ice maker!

Did you really think I would post without a picture of Wilbur?


Evidence of yet one more successful day at the dog park.


  1. Wow, $150 in ice? That's an expense I would never predict. I fully expect to hear about you sipping sorbets all summer. Wilbur does look thoroughly exhausted from the park.

  2. We were just on a friend's boat and he also had one of those icemakers. Sounds like a great addition!


  3. Two Pitties, like I said in a previous post we finally resigned to calling our ice expense, a utility bill.
    It's 11:30 AM and Wilbur is still asleep!!

    Mike, I love that it draws under 3 amps and our inverter can handle that just fine.

  4. Good idea that we never thought about.. another thing to put on our "want" list.

  5. Cheryl, it just arrived this afternoon and it's making ice like crazy! I'll write a post on it soon.