Sunday, October 17, 2010

Solar Panel Update

So once again, here are the roll up solar panels we're having installed on our Knotty Cat. This is what they look like on a show room floor. As I remarked in a previous post, they appear to be a bit long.

Here they are stretched out on the front of the boat. And yes, they are long! It's kind of difficult to get the drift from this picture (it was sent to us via our electrician) but since it's our boat we know what's going on.

BTW, that's our dinghy in the fore front and it's only there while our boat is on the hard. It's never there while we are sailing.

Anyway the solar panels are lying right across the recessed back rest for the sun pad. Except we don't have a sun pad anymore as it jumped ship during our first week of sailing this summer!

This is a better idea of what the front of the boat looks like. We're thinking that if we use the panels up there we'll lay them down, one each on port and starboard. Remember, they roll up when you don't use them, and if it's only Hans and I aboard they won't be too in the way. Also Wilbur isn't allowed up there without us.

Here is an old picture of our original sun awning. We've since then had an aluminum frame added that supports a canvas bimini. However since it's not a hard top we can't have the panels installed there.

But I'm thinking that with some imagination (and really strong Velcro) we might be able to put them there while at anchor or during very calm days.

The connecting cords are supposedly pretty long.

I guess we'll find out when we head down to Maryland next week in order to move our girl to Florida.

Hans was away this weekend on a 'guy retreat'. The invitation stated, 'bike riding, fall foliage viewing, wine tasting, and camp fires', which I immediately took for code speak for 'Strippers!!!!'

I was told that none were there, but I mean really? A bunch of men on a weekend retreat with no strippers? Unheard of!

Wilbur told me he had no interest in such matters and stayed home with me. Here he is in our bed this morning after staying up too late watching old movies and eating popcorn.


  1. Solar panels that roll up sound so much more convenient.. nice!

  2. We're still not real sure about these things! But we'll be sure to let everyone know how they work.