Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Season, Same Problem

Yesterday after a 5 hour drive, Hans arrived at the boat yard in time to watch The Knotty Cat get dropped into the water. Today he attended day one of his diesel engine course, and will finish up tomorrow. He also replaced our crappy water pump (this act deserves fire works!), and spent a ton of money at West Marine. I swear Maryland's economy improves drastically the minute we set foot over the border!
This is becoming old hat but the Knotty Cat loves being paraded around boat yards.
The boat is currently at a dock and is on shore power, so last night Hans used the space heater (of course it was the coldest night on record in the past six months), and this morning he had a hot water shower, and then made coffee. Of course he enjoyed all of these wonderful things 'one at a time' so as not to tax the inverter.
He just called and informed me that tonight he has no shore power what-so-ever (he just spent the last two hours swapping out the power cord and trying to read the completely un-user friendly manual for the brand new inverter) , and since he doesn't want to drain the batteries, he is using one small light and is going to go to bed cold. Tomorrow he'll have to shower at a marina and find coffee elsewhere.
How this is even possible completely boggles my mind.
Because you see we just had the whole electrical input to our boat replaced, bought a new power cord, and had a new inverter installed.
All of this was done by an electrician so needless to say it wasn't cheap.
And it's not working!
Honest to God, this is an eerie reenactment of this summer. Because at that time we also had tons of electrical work done and the very weekend we moved aboard we ended up stranded at anchor for two days because our batteries died.
I will be flying down on Monday and I sincerely hope that this situation is resolved or the East Coast may suffer one of the worst earthquakes in history after I get done having one very nasty tantrum!

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  1. Well, I guess you're in flight by now. I hope everything is resolved by the time you get there. I know of all the problems you faced before. I swear, boats just love to torture us!