Monday, October 18, 2010

Even More Boat Updates!

When we finished our 2 month tour this summer we knew our Knotty Cat was going to need some work. For some reason our water pump chose this time to become a high maintenance mistress and gave us fits all summer long. I know there's a saying about the squeaky wheel getting the grease, but in my opinion that squeaky wheel can just as easily be replaced! And that's exactly what we're doing. We have one on order and Hans intends to replace it next week when we head down to Maryland to get our girl ready for her trip to Florida.

We also realized that our electrical system must have been taking lessons from the water pump because all of a sudden we sometimes could draw shore power from our electric cord and sometimes we couldn't!

We now have a new power cord, a new electrical hook up (located at the stern), and gee why not; a new inverter.

Hopefully, this inverter will play well with others and allow us to use our new ice maker, and charge our computers etc...

I really hope it knows I mean what I said about that squeaky wheel!

When I heard the doorbell ring at the apartment this afternoon I just knew it was my new ice maker. I had a fight with Wilbur and literally had to shove him back into the apartment in order to get to the door as I was pretty sure the FedEx guy probably wasn't in need of any pit bull smoochies!

Wilbur is anxiously reading the box! He so loves his bourbon soaked ice.

All plugged in and ready for its maiden run.

Oh, please hurry up!!! I need my ice!

We have ice!!! Within about 1o minutes no less!

I'm amazed at how much ice this baby has pumped out this evening. Unfortunately I can't keep any as the first batch has to be tossed out, most likely because of chemicals in the machine.

But once we're on the boat I guarantee not one cube will go to waste. Just ask Wilbur!

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