Wednesday, January 26, 2011

On the Lighter Side

Happy Hans the Traveling Salesman shows off his boo-boo.

As I looked at this picture, I was like... what the hell is that on Hans' head? And then I realized that peeking over his hat is a stuffed fish (designed to hold CD's) that's sitting in a basket on the shelf behind him.

Woe is me, I'll never make a living as a photographer.

Where's Wilbur?

Yesterday was a cold, gloomy day (we motored a whole foggy 13 miles before anchoring), and Wilbur, who usually spends his days in the cockpit (second guessing Hans' navigation), went below and hid under his blanket.

It's been years since I've played Monopoly and it may be many more years before I attempt it again after the other night (which I won't go into at this time), and I was thrilled to find that the tokens haven't changed a bit.

Hans was the battleship (go figure), I was the thimble, and Wilbur was the dog (go figure once again!).

Wilbur spots the Monopoly Dog for the very first time.
"What the hell?"

And the reaction.
"But I thought I was the only dog on this boat!"

Last night we anchored in Kilkenny Creek (GA) in heavy winds and strong currents and I'm thrilled to report that we held firm throughout the night.

Today when we realized it was going to be very windy we (I) decided to pull up to the Kilkenny Marina (just yards away from us) and spend the day changing our oil and rearranging our dinghy.

After a very busy afternoon we crated a very unhappy Wilbur (whom we could hear screaming all the way up the dock) and walked over to Marker 107.
I was expecting maybe a local watering hole (which would be fine with us) but what a beautiful place it is! The owner was there for a few minutes and mentioned that after he bought it, he fixed it up.

And fixed it up he did! Even if you're not anchoring or in need of a marina, Marker 107 is well worth the trip up Kilkenny Creek!

We shared a bowl of 'she crab' soup and a blackened grouper sandwich while looking over the waterway. Isn't it funny how peaceful the water appears to be when one observes it from on the hard as opposed to from the sea?


  1. "It's been years since I've played Monopoly and it may be many more years before I attempt it again after the other night (which I won't go into at this time)"

    So how many stitches did hans need this time?


  2. I'm glad to see that Hans looks well and in good spirits. Hope that hand heals quickly. And what absolutely adorable photos of Wilbur...that pup is so photogenic! Also glad to hear that y'all finally had a good need more of those!



  3. Glad to see that ya'll are smiling! Looks like Wilbur's got it made ... he's so cute! That crab soup and grouper sandwich sounds delish. Glad everything's lookin' up!

  4. Poor Hans, I decided to let him off the hook, I figure he's been through enough.
    And Wilbur is very spoiled and very photogenic. We love him to pieces!