Thursday, January 20, 2011

No Longer Up the Creek (at least for now)

Tuesday morning the travel lift picked up our Knotty Cat for yet one more sojourn to the water. Like anxious parents, Hans and I trailed along behind with Wilbur in tow, and don't think our girl didn't enjoy herself. The Knotty Cat looked quite majestic as she sashayed her way through the boat yard and honest to God it was just like a parade. Golf carts buzzed past us like drones and shot down the dock to where the Knotty Cat was to be launched, and as the lift came to a stop she did a final little shimmy shake kinda thing and then settled nicely into the water.

Joining Hans, was Chuck the man who remounted the propellers, and Jason, who I think just wanted a spin around the river. After our insane trip on Sunday, Wilbur and I opted to stay ashore.

Since she had an audience of many, the Knotty Cat oozed off the dock, purred her way around the river, and came back for a very uneventful landing. In other words, the complete opposite of what we experienced on Sunday. What a show off!

So yesterday at high tide we actually cast our lines and headed for the Charleston City Marina. It was a very uneventful trip (thank God!) and Wilbur forgot for a moment that he was absolutely freezing when he made his very first dolphin sighting. He stood stock still and then snorted so hard that I feared he would hyperventilate.

Two Marina employees helped us dock and immediately set forth pumping out our holding tank, filling up our diesel, and hooking up our hose so I could finally have water for the first time in a week.

We took advantage of the laundry facilities and hauled everything off the boat that had been left two months ago and I ended up washing three loads. A courtesy van got us to a grocery store where we picked up a few things that we'd forgotten, and then a liquor store for some things that should never be forgotten! In between all of this I ran Wilbur up and down the Mega Dock a couple of times and he had a blast.

Even though we arrived pretty early, all of this work took almost all day and we didn't get to really enjoy Charleston like I had wanted to. This morning Hans caught the van to West Marine (oh how I wish we'd bought stock in this company when Hans purchased the boat!), I took Wilbur with me to take a shower (he doesn't like showers but he does like to drink the water), and then ended up getting a lot of sewing done. I love shore power!

We finally left the dock at 1:30 this afternoon and thanks to Skipper Bob's book on available anchorages in the Intracoastal, we hope to drop the hook at around 6PM.

At least we hope so! Been there done that!

No he's not being sick over the side, he's filling up our water tanks.

Tell me she doesn't look smug!


  1. I'm so glad to hear some good news regarding Knotty Cat! I hope your anchorage tonight is beautiful and peaceful. Ya'll deserve it!

  2. I don't think I've ever seen the side logo; so perfect!

  3. Cheryl, it was a pretty evening and the full moon was very bright. It just wasn't fun getting up at 3AM to try and find out why our anchor chain was making so much noise.