Monday, January 10, 2011

It just keeps getting better!

Baby Girl came to visit us again this weekend and this time she did not give us the flu, lose her wallet, or lock her keys in her car.

She just took over the futon and slept (when she wasn't eating).

Wilbur loves his sister, and you can see for yourself how much she loves him.

The new tires I ordered for her car arrived, and when she pulled into the dealership this morning to have them installed, her check engine light came on. I just haven't figured out why Mommy gets all these phone calls. You know what? I know exactly why I get these phone calls.

Remember, we were supposed to leave last week for our drive down to Charleston, SC. to get back on the boat but we got hit with the plague (really the flu but it felt like the plague).

So we made arrangements to leave early this morning.

But we're still here.

After packing like crazy yesterday (I even finished making a dress I started last week) and setting our alarm for 6 AM, we caught the late night news and realized we weren't going anywhere. Snow, sleet, ice, you name it the south was being hit with it. In record numbers.

This morning the lady at the car rental place told us that her boss is mad at us and we better not cancel on them again. I kid you not!

So after checking the weather forecast and calling the boat yard yet once again, we decided this Thursday will be the best day to head on down. Except no one has any cars available! The lady with the angry boss has promised to come up with something even though she can't confirm it via email. She says she has do do it manually.
Why do I have a feeling we're going to end up with a horse and buggy?

I'm worried about my oldest daughter who after wrecking her car is still not feeling well with her unconfirmed gall bladder issues. She's going into work tonight anyway because she's afraid of being fired. It's strange but I find myself worrying about my kids more these days than I did when they were little.

Wilbur is fed up with this whole business and thinks we're complete imbeciles because we can't seem to accomplish anything.

Here he is getting online with the boatyard and the car rental agency. All I know is; he better not be going to that Pitties Looking for Hot Pitties website again!


  1. be more like Wilbur relax no hurry mon it must be 5 Oclock somewhere!!

  2. It's always 5 O'clock somewhere as far is Wilbur is concerned and he can't wait to be a Salty Dog again.

  3. Oh, Wilbur, he is so internet savvy. It looks like Wilbur is using your daughter as furniture ala Miss M; I wonder if he thinks that means he 'owns her'.

  4. Wilbur 'owns' all of us! And he can be sooo rude! He gets on the futon, the bed, where ever he wants to be regardless of who may already be there. Then he stomps all over the place, heaves huge sighs, and then flops down and throws out his anchor. There is no moving him after that!

  5. I'm sure you're kidding about the way you talk about your kids.

    My grand parents treated my father as though he were an annoyance. He treated his kids the same. Niether has seen me in over 20 years.

  6. Not kidding at all. My life is pretty much an open book. And I hope you're not wanting me to adopt you because my car fixing kitty is pretty much empty now!

  7. I'm not in need of adoption but you might have wanted to. I was very independant as a teenager. I got a job at 16 and bought my own clothes, much of my own food and anything else I wanted. When I wanted to drive at 19, I paid for a driving school. When I wanted to move out at 19, I just left.

    I never (after maybe 14) asked for anything. By then I had learned that it was better to just do things for myself.

    They now regret the way our relationship developed (as others tell me), but there's nothing to be done now. I'm sure it's hard for you now as the problems they can have get bigger as they get older but imagine if your daughter had an accident and you found out about it months later.

    Don't you love it when other people tell you how to parent? Sorry....

  8. Actually, I can't stand what have become known as 'helicopter' parents (the ones who constantly hover), and I think this post sounds like I do more for my kids than I really do. My youngest is in college and works pretty much full time and is responsible for her own rent, utilities, etc... I agreed to help with the car until she graduates and gets a job. The vet tech who wrecked her car also worked while in college and after working at 2 jobs for about a year was able to find full time employment at an emergency clinic. I'm just glad I was here and able to go get her when she had her accident, and I can't imagine hearing about it months later. But, I'm afraid that even when I'm 80 I'll still be worrying about them. I guess it's the curse of parenthood.

  9. That's as I thought. Negelectful partents (think Ally Sheedy's parents from the Breakfast Club) don't tell stories like you did. My point is to make you feel better about some of your recent misfortunes with a sort of "Ghost of Christmas Future" type window.

  10. Aren't you so nice!! However I fear my kids will only remember the times they got spanked in Walmart (for hiding in the racks), or grounded for bad grades, and not the times I tried to help out!