Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Let's hope the third time is the charm!

Wilbur has no idea but his days of lounging on a down filled comforter are coming to an end!
I just hope all three of us will fit comfortably in a queen sized berth but I'm not so sure. He's a blanket hog.

So we went to pick up our rental car today (after cancelling two other times) and no we did not get a horse and buggy.

We got a Lincoln Mercury Grand Marquis.

And it's a rear wheel drive. And there's a lot of snow out there.

Actually Grand Marquis' are a really nice ride and years ago when my girls started driving, my parents gave us their old one. That car was a tank and we called it The Bomb. It may have been 18 years old but it held its own against all the young whippersnappers who dared to challenge it.

One day my girls were at a stop light when another car full of girls pulled up beside them with intentions of making a left hand turn. When the light turned green the car full of girls changed their mind (as only a car full of girls are wont to do!) and instead of turning they went straight thus side swiping The Bomb. Everyone had hysterics but managed to get the cars to curb. The bumper and front fender promptly fell off the offender but The Bomb just yawned and took a nap until the excitement was over.

I felt so sorry for the mother who called me and in a shaky voice pleaded with me to not turn it into our insurance company but to just get a quote and she'd take care of it, "If I turn in one more claim they'll dump me!" she said.

I didn't even bother since the only damage to The Bomb was a scuff or two (but don't think my parents didn't notice it!). Then Baby Girl backed it into the brand new bumper on Hans' SUV and cried so hard Hans had to beg her to stop before he started crying himself.

My brother in law took The Bomb off my hands a few years ago and at twenty four its still going strong!

We finally got Wilbur's physical (needed if we go to the Bahamas) taken care of and oh how he loves going to the vet. He even got a complimentary mani-pedi and is feeling extra special pretty! I got a hair cut and only wish that I felt extra special pretty!

We've been wracking our brains trying to remember all the little things we should take; Wilbur's health care folder, all papers needed to file our taxes, phone chargers, camera battery chargers, sunglasses, Wilbur's food and water bowls, spare contact lenses, Wilbur's bark collar...

I still remember a few years ago when we went to Florida for a long weekend and Hans didn't pack any shorts.

Then Hans decided he'd really like to bring along our small flat screen TV. We got it with American Express points a couple of years ago with intentions of eventually putting it on the boat. So this then put me on the scent of my Andy Griffith DVDs. If Hans gets to watch football and hockey, I get to watch Andy!

We managed to cram the Grand Marquis with most of our junk, including my sewing machine, Wilbur's crate and 50 pounds of his limited ingredient food, and its now stuffed to the 'nth degree. In the morning we will still have to find room for 7 twelve packs of Gingerale plus a cube of Pepsi, two packed to the gills beach bags, two computer bags, and a 50 pound pit bull.

Then heigh ho away we go on an eleven or so hour trek to our very cold boat that's currently full of dirty clothes and bedding, and no water!

I'm waiting for this to sound like fun!

"Are we there yet?"


  1. I really hope this time is "the charm" and you all actually make it out of town! At least the car is big enough for all your stuff so you don't have to pile it on top of the car like the Beverly Hillbillies! :o) And if you forget something, I hope it's just something small and of no consequence so you don't have to worry about it!

    Those are the cutest pics of Wilbur... especially the last one. He is SO.DARN.CUTE!

    Have a safe trip and I'll look forward to your next post - hopefully from aboard the Knotty Cat!



  2. Cyndi, I too hope the next post is from the Knotty Cat. And of course I'll forget something (I always do, the last time it was my camera battery charger). I just can't imagine how cold this leg of the journey is going to be.

  3. After everything you've gone through lately, we hope that you, Hans, Wilbur, and Knotty Cat have good times (and good luck)in your future!

  4. I hope it is not too silly (or too late) for me to point out that they sell soda in the south. That could save you alot of room.

    I guess if you could think like that, you could fit in a mono hull.

  5. We have a lot of luck, and it's all bad!

    I couldn't pass up all the 'buy 3 packs and get one free for a total of ten bucks' specials. We were not able to get all of them in the car so I now have quite a bit waiting for us when we get home.