Saturday, January 29, 2011


We anchored in Little Tea Kettle Creek on Thursday night and even though we spun around many times due to the tides everything held good and tight.

And once again because of the tides I think yesterday was one of our most tedious days in the intracoastal. We had three stretches of canal that Skipper Bob warned would be very shallow at low tide.

When did we hit them?

At low tide of course!

Actually, we hit the first one at low tide due to the fact that we got a faster boost than we expected to and it's just not fun to see your depth finder telling you you're in 3 feet of water. We eked through that one and then managed to catch the other two as the tide was coming in. The wind was cold and gusting to 25 knots and didn't help things either.

After a full day of this we were thrilled to see the Golden Isles Marina in St. Simons Island, GA up ahead and just as we crossed under the bridge we were boarded by the Coast Guard (after they radioed and asked us if we had any weapons on board and was our dog friendly?). Of course we had to keep moving and it was very windy and choppy but they jumped aboard anyway. Actually, one of them nearly fell in between our boats and had to let go and leap backwards into his. They pulled up yet once again and this time he was successful.

They were greeted by many wiggles and kisses from Wilbur, and one of them had to try to write on his clip board with Wilbur sitting in his lap and after verifying that we had registration, life jackets, fire extinguishers, and peeking at the holding tank lever, they were off and running. Wilbur was sorry to see them go.

So anyway, believe it or not we had guests arrive at the Knotty Cat last night for a weekend of fun, good times, and hopefully a little bit of sailing. And even after reading our blog they still wanted to come along.

Hans is leading the way as Craig (a long time friend of Hans) and Craig's friend Drew (a fellow sailor).

Wilbur taking a rest after setting the table. He's such a good boy.

Wilbur makes a fine antenna as Drew tries to talk on the phone.

Exhausted from his day of boating, entertaining the Coast Guard and Hans' friends, Wilbur is finally able to relax.

Today we left the marina and headed out to sea. So far it's very smooth and we don't have much in the line of wind but it's still better than being stuck in the ditch that is the Intracoastal.


  1. I've heard many stories of these Coast Guard boardings. I find it ridiculous that the same agency that tells us to do things the safest way possible (like wearing a life jacket in a duck pond) would board vessels in the manner that they do.

    If the officer had fallen between the boats as you describe, I doubt there would be anyway to avoid being run over by his boat and probably hit by the propeller.

    This macho sha-zit has got to stop. I wonder what they would do if I just stopped my boat and said "I'd rather you board this way"


  2. Another exciting day in the adventures of the Knotty Cat! Wow, does the Coast Guard just make random "visits" like that? I guess with all the Homeland Security stuff, that's a given? Glad you all had some company and enjoyed the evening with friends. I know Wilbur enjoyed himself...what a hambone! :o)



  3. Here's hoping you have a great (and uneventful) weekend!

  4. From what I've heard, the Coast Guard is very active in Florida although I'm not sure why. I find it a bit disconcerting but unfortunately there's nothing you can do about it. I will have a huge problem though if they add a 'how clean is your boat' clause because right about now I'd get a huge fine!

  5. Laura and Hans
    Not just the Coast Guard but also the Fl Marine Patrol and misc. county law enforcement groups.

    Your usually good to go if your all your C.G. equipment and certificates are up to date. NOTE the one thing they will fine you on every time is not having your waste valves locked down in the no discharge zones. Along the treasure coast area they just board and walk straight to the head, pour green die in to the head and start pumping. If you leave a green line its a big fine.
    Enjoy your trip, we have some great water way sights to see and nice people to meet.

  6. We're just glad that getting a pump out has become pretty affordable. Most marinas will do it for free if you stay a night or fill up with fuel. You can bet there will be no green line leaving our boat during our time here in Florida, it's just not worth it!!