Thursday, January 5, 2012

Perhaps we deserve this.

Now that's some cold beer!

I'm talking about the current weather situation here in good ol' sunny Florida.

You see, when we first announced to family and friends that we were moving to Florida, we received a lot of not so encouraging remarks about what we might expect to find here. And once we did arrive I did nothing but bitch about the insufferable heat. Fall finally showed up along with cooler weather and we became a bit smug. Every night after work, Hans would get online and announce the temperatures from back home and we'd laugh and laugh. "Oh boy," we'd say, "Twenty degrees and snow!" "You know it's gotta be gray there all day long!" "By the way, did I tell you I rode my bike to the library today?" "Are we heading out into the bay this weekend because I'm not sure if we have enough sunscreen?"
Shame on me. I should have known better.

It's like when I warned Wilbur that he should remain humble and not brag to his friends at the doggy park about his recent a mani-pedi (that's how he refers to his nail clipping trips to Petco), and he ended up getting his butt kicked by a poodle.

Don't lord what you have over others because in the end it will come back to bite you in the butt big time!

We woke up a couple of nights ago to a howling wind, loose halyards (not ours!) slapping at their masts with a nerve wracking rhythm , and feeling ourselves being jerked from side to side in our slip. We arose the next morning to cold air and no hot water. Normally we only need to turn on our hot water tank once a day and our water will actually stay hot all night long. But when the weather gets cold so does the water in the tank. Sadly, we can't use our space heater and hot water tank at the same time as they draw too many amps.

This has made my lazy life a tiny bit complicated and I threw in the towel today and took my shower in the bath house since it was too cold to even think of taking one on the boat. I couldn't decide on whether I wanted warm air and cold water... or warm water and cold air.
Far too confusing for me.

Poor Wilbur has truly become a hot house flower and this morning after Hans left for work, instead of lying down on his Steeler's pillow, Wilbur raked one of his big pitty paws down my side as I sat next to him on the settee. What the...? He did it again. I felt like Lassie was pawing at me in order to let me know that poor dumb Timmy had fallen down a well yet once again. Then I realized the big stinker wanted under my blanket. But I have to tell you I'd already draped a fleece blanket over him but was this enough for our Little Man? No! He crawled onto my lap and nudged his head under my blanket, heaved a deep pitty sigh, and went back to sleep.

Where's Wilbur?

I can't imagine what he'd do if he had to go out in the snow to do his business, as it is he doesn't even like to leave our warm cabin and take a few steps to his very convenient potty patch located on our stern!

"You want me to go out there? No thanks, I can hold it!"

By the way, if you like getting attention everywhere you go, from the dog park to the grocery store, wear your Penn State sweatshirt. Yes folks, when I purged my wardrobe for our trip south I donated every stinking sweatshirt minus one!

I may not leave the boat until spring.


  1. Yes, it does get cold here in the South. When I show houses to people moving from up north, they wonder why we have fireplaces. It's cause we need them!

    I bet you do get some attention with that sweatshirt. You might need to wear it inside out ... lol!

    It may not get as cold down here, but I can't wait till Spring! Love hearing from you through your blog!

  2. Cheryl, I'm just glad it doesn't stay cold for too long. At least I hope not!!

  3. Aw I'm with Wilbur. Under the blankies in Mom's lap is the best place to be in this weather :D
    Yap, that was sure a cold spell butt it's warmin up this weekend :D Wilbur and you won't have long to wait to enjoy being outside again :D

    Waggin at ya,

  4. Roo, Wilbur was trying to convince us to sail further south and then yippee it warmed up! He's currently lying in the cockpit working on his tan.

  5. Hey! Being a "southern gal" myself, I can say that yes, it does get a bit cold in January and February down there, but it will be warm again before you know it! Love the photos of Wilbur under the covers...that's how Noah prefers to sleep in the winter, too!