Sunday, January 15, 2012

Life continues

After Hans' accident, we're enjoying our rather mundane existence here on the boat. Especially since I could easily be planning his funeral.

Random images pop into my head now and again from our evening in the emergency room. Like when I first spotted Hans on his gurney. He was facing backward and all I could see was his bald head, but I knew it was him and I was so relieved to see him sitting upright. How at one point I noticed that his eyes were red-rimmed and he looked so puzzled and vulnerable which is just not like him. And he would say again and again, "All I saw was a flash of red." "I never saw it coming." And like I said, he'd repeat this over and over. His bruises have grown even bigger and have changed from a lovely shade of magenta to an ugly yellow and in some areas, nearly black.

Last night I finally let Hans take the wheel of our remaining vehicle for a one mile drive to our marina and it nearly did him in. He was shocked at how much it took out of him and how his chest (which is now a hideous mustard yellow) protested from the exertion.

Since Hans only took one day off from work (I would have needed a month) due to this whole fiasco I made sure he did nothing today. And for the first time since we moved here, we never set foot ashore once. I don't think a sloth could grow moss faster than us and so far we've eaten our way through fried eggs, corned beef hash, home made fudge brownies with walnuts, chicken wings, and oven baked macaroni and cheese (I love our propane stove).

Wilbur also jumped on the band wagon and has only ventured into the cockpit a couple of times to take a pee, even though he knows I'm waiting for him to get rid of the entire loaf of banana bread he inhaled when he was left alone while I drove Hans to work. Wilbur (whom I found cowering in our berth) claimed it was a sacrifice on his part as he's very concerned about what that wonderful propane stove is doing to his mama's hips.

"Who, me?"

Our entertainment this weekend has consisted of too many political shows, football, and listening to each others arteries harden.

We're continuing to find out bits and pieces of information about what led to the accident Hans was in that caused so many injuries and damages, and it's very disturbing.
We now know the police were not chasing an armed robber. They were chasing a purse snatcher. And it's not like he was some sort of serial purse snatcher who spent his days running about willy nilly and knocking little old ladies to the pavement thus shattering little old lady hips.
What this dude did was steal money out of the purses of family, and family friends. Of course these victims then ran shrieking to the police about the heinous crimes committed upon them and then stated that 'Junior' swore he'd never be 'taken' and would only go out with a fight. This so reminded me of stories my dad used to tell at the dinner table. Years ago Dad worked with a woman who would complain about how some dirty SOB stole her TV set and it would turn out that the SOB was her father. She would eventually get the TV set back only to have some other SOB steal it (usually a brother or a nephew). These people spent their lives stealing from each other and calling the police more often than we call for take-out pizza.

So this piece of crap is what four policemen felt the need to chase at high speeds through a semi residential area during rush hour. And I have to wonder what went through their minds when they heard the explosion of metal on metal and witnessed pieces of vehicles fly through the air as a direct result of their chase of this desperate criminal.

We've since read in the paper that if the police recognize a perpetrator by name and knows that finding said perpetrator will only be a matter of time a chase is not necessarily warranted. But purse snatching, even if the perpetrator is unarmed is worthy of a chase.

Dear God I'll never jay walk again. I would imagine that's a crime punishable by death.

But only if there's a police car nearby.

Can you tell I'm pissed?

I still think someone has some 'splaining to do!

Especially this dude.

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  1. I bet you are pissed! I am too just reading this. So many times Ken and I have watched police chases on those video shows and start getting angry over how stupid it is to risk innocent people's lives.

    Glad you're not planning a funeral and that Hans got some rest. He needs to continue to take it easy and maybe even give those cops a piece of his mind! A purse snatcher .. something needs to change!