Monday, January 2, 2012

A Foggy New Year's Eve

I'm sure a lot of people are pretty foggy after celebrating New Year's Eve but that's not what I'm talking about here.

After flying to Pittsburgh on Christmas Eve for the holidays, staying in a different hotel every night (in addition to one very fun night at an old friend's home), eating too much, longing for a minimal amount of family drama, not enjoying the cold gray skies and hoping we wouldn't end up in a ditch like lot of other travelers we drove past on the Interstate during a particularly slicker than snot snowfall, we finally landed back in sunny Florida.

Hmmm, we wondered, what should we do for New Year's Eve?

We decided if Mother Nature would cooperate we'd go ahead and anchor out for the night and relax.

Check it out.

No snow, no gray skies, and no winter coats.

Only sunny skies and a smile!

We only went a few miles out into the local bay and by 2 PM or so we dropped the hook and realized it's been at least seven months since we last anchored.

Another couple in our marina also headed out for the evening and we ended up anchoring next to each other. Rich dinghied on over shortly after we anchored and the general consensus was that we'd all go ashore later on and enjoy some local sights.

At one point we happened to glance up and realized the far shore line had disappeared and it was only about 4 o'clock. And just like a horror movie we watched as a dark gray cloud rolled over the water headed right in our direction gobbling up all boats in its path. It was moving along at a pretty good clip when Rich decided it was time to head back to his own boat.

Then a sail boat appeared out of the mist and we watched them try unsuccessfully to drop their anchor several times. Perhaps they thought we looked like we wanted company because the next thing we knew they were right beside us and the captain ordered his crew to drop their anchor. Hans quickly got their attention (I very seldom hear Hans yell and yes indeed his voice carries through fog!) and let them know they needed to move on along. He also told them there was tons of room directly astern of us but instead they continued blindly on into the anchorage.

I have no idea where they ended up.

By 6 PM we couldn't see beyond our life lines nor could we see one anchor light. I'm just glad we anchored so early, I wouldn't have wanted to be underway in that mess and needless to say we never did go ashore.

But by 9:30 or so, the fog lifted and we were treated to a beautiful view of a perfect half moon, tons of stars and anchor lights, and an unobstructed view of the shore line.

What we didn't enjoy were the fireworks because we never saw any! There were a few small displays far inland but that's not what we'd been expecting.

Wilbur gave Hans his New Year's kiss early. After a day on the water and only being able to use one light inside since our house battery bank informed us that it too would like a vacation, we were in bed and asleep by 10:30. This is the first time I can remember in my life that I didn't ring in the New Year.

Wilbur enjoyed his stay at Doggy Day Care while we were gone but was glad to get back home and hit the water. He's a true Salty Dog.

He was kind enough to hold this pose while I ran to get the camera. He knows everyone looks forward to pictures of his handsome pitty self.

It was an interesting year for us but thankfully we got through it and somehow I don't think this year will be any less crazy.


  1. It was a foggy New Year's here in Louisiana too, but it also cleared up around 10:00. Luckily, we were treated to a ton of fireworks. However, I'd trade the fireworks for living on our boat in Florida ... lol! Happy New Year Laura n Hans!

  2. Cheryl, believe me, I've seen a lot of fireworks in my life so I wasn't too disappointed. And I hope you two get to move aboard soon, I know you'll enjoy it.

  3. Hi, Guys, and a belated Happy New Year! I'm heading for Key Largo Sunday for 2 weeks on Harvey in the Keys. Still planning on a Bahamas trip in Feb. All the best to you and Wilbur.


  4. Wilbur knows how to hold his famous froggy pose! With it all, I bet it still feels great to be in the sunny south. Winter has finally come to Chicago, and the pups could barely go on their walk.

  5. Greg, Happy New Year to you too! I hope you have nice weather while you're here (we've gone from hot to cold very fast!), and we'll keep our fingers crossed for your Bahamas trip. You will not be disappointed. BTW, Wilbur still remembers that wonderful piece of steak you gave him; the only steak he gets from us he steals.

    Two Pitties, I was thinking about the four of you after seeing what was going on with the weather up north. I'm almost ashamed to tell you that Wilbur has made it quite clear that if the temps get anywhere near the low 60's, he would just prefer to 'hold it' thank you very much.

  6. Hey Laura! I'm finally catching up on reading/commenting on blogs. Got through all 400+ e-mails I had while my computer was in the shop....that was fun (not!).

    Wilbur must be taking a page out of my BIL's soon as the temps drop below 70 degrees, he pulls out his jackets and coats! It can get a little chilly there in January and February, but it will be warm again before you know it! Wishing you and Hans and Wilbur a wonderful New Year, and hoping to get to see you when we come down in February (I'll write ya back in the next day or so)!



  7. Cyndi, I can't believe the people I've seen walking around in winter coats, gloves, hats, scarves... While it is indeed chilly on board it's still a heck of a lot better than being up north. And I'm thrilled to report that we are now back to 70 something temperatures.
    BTW, you had better hook up with us when you're down here in February (Hans will have just finished up a visit to Miami) or I will not be happy!