Sunday, January 8, 2012

More liveaboard stuff

So life continues to march on at our marina.

When we skidded to a stop here this past August there was just a handful of boats bobbing around. It's now January and we pretty much have a full house, and most of us are liveaboards.

I make the rounds almost every day which involves walking the full length of the marina in order to get rid our garbage, pick up the mail, get ice, and once a week do our laundry. During my little sojourns I have a chance to visit with whomever is out and about and Wilbur usually accompanies me, except for the days when I have a full load and little patience.

Depending upon who's awake, above board, new to the marina, all of the above and/or sober, I may be gone for a few minutes or a few hours because the one thing I've discovered; most cruisers like to talk. And talk. Even more so than me if you can believe that!

And of course I get a kick out of those with pets aboard. One newly arrived and cute young couple has a dog named Luvvy. Luvvy is an adorable Jack Russell-Chihuahua mix and even though I've been assured that she's 'trained' she spends a great deal of time jumping ship every time another dog (especially a certain hunk o' burnin' love named Wilbur) ventures past her boat. Luvvy's boat is directly across the marina from ours and while Hans has gone to great length to explain to me (with his scientific brain) about how sound travels over water louder than it travels over land, this much I know; Luvvy's full name is Luvvy BadGirlBadGirl because I hear her being called this all day long.

I guess this means that everyone in the marina knows that Wilbur's full name is 'Wilbur GetOutOfTheGarbage'.

And thanks to Hans' scientific explanation about sound waves I'm pretty sure everyone here knows that poor Luvvy BadGirlBadGirl fell overboard yesterday and had to be fished out of the yucky marina water.

I also know that Luvvy BadGirlBadGirl gets her ass smacked on a daily basis.

I no longer try to do our laundry on the weekend and let those who don't have time during the week to do theirs. And that brings me to the 'what do I do with someone else's clothes that have been sitting in the washing machine all day long' dilemma. Normal laundry rules state that if you find wet clothing in the washing machine you have the right to remove them and place them on a table. I knew this rule yet was hesitant to take action one day upon finding both washers full of wet clothes, and then another live aboard couple took care of that situation for me and the guilty party got all pissed off at them instead of me. When all was said and done, Guilty Party (whom we discovered had gone out to breakfast after starting her laundry) accused the other live aboard couple of stealing the quarters she'd supposedly inserted into the dryer (I mean c'mon! who puts money into the dryer ahead of time?!). The live aboard couple was furious at this accusation and in a very dramatic fashion threw Guilty Party's wet clothing into a dryer and slammed a bunch of their own quarters into the slots.

So laundry room drama aside, what I'd really like to know is why Guilty Party (a live aboard here for over 6 years) has air conditioning units running 24/7 all year round on her boat, even in January, when the rest of us are huddled around our space heaters.

Hmmm, when was the last time anyone saw Mr. Guilty Party?

I'm just asking.

One of our neighbors is a disabled vet and he bought a refurbished sewing machine a few years ago with the hopes of replacing some of his interior furnishings. As of tonight, his machine is now in my possession and tomorrow I'm going to try to figure out why 'the sonofabitch keeps jamming'. But only after I dump the garbage, get mail and ice, hit Beall's outlet store to return a couple of shirts (Monday is Senior Citizen Day and I insist on getting my 15% discount), take Wilbur to the dog park, and hopefully get about four loads of laundry done.

Just in case anyone feels like giving me a hard time at the laundry room, I'm taking Wilbur GetOutOfTheGarbage with me. Who's gonna argue with a crazy lady and her pit bull!

You can see for yourself why he's to be feared.


  1. ROFLMAO!!!!! I am STILL waiting for that book! :o)
    I think Wilbur and Noah are related...they love to show off their family treasures!



  2. Love it! Let's see if I can name all of my furry babies for you -

    Charlie GetOutOfTheKitchen
    Janice StopLickingYoureNotAKitty
    Emily Hush

    Molly McButter-butt
    Shadow LeaveTheDogAlone

  3. Hi Laura. I love your writing, so funny. It sounds like it has worked out pretty well for you and the move to Fl. Just wondering if you could answer me some questions, only coz its winter here, and around this time I usually consider moving to Fl, next winter.
    How much does your marina charge for liveaboarders? When you came to the marina did you have to be weird about saying you're living aboard or it is pretty well excepted over there? Was it difficult to get a slip? and where in Florida are you guys? I hope its not too personal or dumb to ask.

  4. Had the same problem in college with the laundry situation. NEVER leave your wash, hoard your quarters, and accept that some sicko will steal your underwear.

  5. Yeah, an air conditioner running all the time and no "Mr." around .. does seem suspicious .. lol!

    Happy laundering!

  6. Cyndi, before Wilbur got 'snipped' we were treated to a very big show! I thought his family treasures were cute and my daughter called me a sicco!

    Debra Jean, you need to move on down here, you'd fit right in.

    Travis and Maggie, I know you're cold up there! Anyway, I think I'll address your question on my next post because we too didn't have a clue as to what to expect here in Florida. Stay tuned.

  7. Laura, It would take a desperate person to steal my undies, but then stranger things have happened!

    Cheryl, I mean really! Why does she need to keep the place so cold???

  8. Happy New Year Wilbur & Family! So LuvvyBadGirlBadGirl is smitten with Wilbur! Who wouldn't be? Such a handsome boy! Wish I could be more easy going like all of you! I can't stand the sound of my neighbors out and about doing anything! And we have a 6 ft wooden fence to block out LOTS of stuff. Think we're becoming hermits :)

    The Road Dogs' Mom

  9. Road Dogs, I'm afraid I've become a bit of a Gladys Cravitz! I get a kick out of seeing what everyone's up to each day. And luckily our boat is very solid and when we're down below with either music or the TV going we really can't hear anything from outside.