Monday, December 13, 2010

A Whole Lot of Nothing Going On.

This has been a very cold December and no one knows it better than our Wilbur. When we try to get him to go outside to do his business, he does what I call an illegal U-Turn which means he whips around and heads back inside before his hindquarters even get near the frigid cold air.

Today he was terrified and tried to get away from the snow flakes that were falling around him and ended up looking like someone trying to dodge acid rain.

Actually it was kind of sad because he's such a sweet dog and I hate to see him afraid of anything.

I spent today condensing a bunch of food provisions from their cardboard boxes to zip lock bags.

Since Wilbur will be sailing with us, he felt the need to supervise.

I had quite a few Hamburger/Tuna Helper dinners and I was surprised to discover that each and every one of them requires a different amount of water/milk/and butter.

And since I packed more than one type of dinner in each gallon zip lock bag, in addition to including an identifying part of the cardboard front of the box, I also had to cut out the directions. Dear God, this is getting complicated!

Here are the gutted boxes sans their identifying fronts and directions.

Two storage boxes have now been condensed into one!

Now for the mystery of the missing fitted sheet! I mentioned quite awhile back that I'd misplaced one of the custom made fitted sheets for our boat. I had literally gone through the entire apartment and even though I never throw anything away I still couldn't find it.

And then today I finally decided to either finish the backpack I started to make this summer from scratch (meaning no pattern) or just throw it out. Anyway, I unzipped my bag and discovered that in an attempt to see how it would look with something in it, I'd stuffed our sheet into it!!! I'm thrilled to pieces because only yesterday I'd checked eBay for queen size fitted sheets and the only one I could find started at around $20.00 and I would still need to alter it.

This is my still unfinished back pack complete with raw edges.

Here it is!!!

The missing fitted sheet!!

And since a back pack is great for taking provisions to the boat, I'm going to go ahead and finish this one. At least I'll have something to carry our sheets in.


  1. I don't blame Wilbur for not wanting to go out in the cold ... neither do I! Glad you found your sheet, as that's a few more dollars saved for cruising!

  2. I can't beleive how cold it is in the South right now and I'm actually glad that since I have to be stuck somewhere, it's in a warm apartment and not a very cold boat.

  3. Poor Wilbur!

    Very exciting that you will be heading off sailing again!

  4. We only wish every pitbull could lead the life that Poor Wilbur does! And we're excited about hopefully getting on the water again too.