Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Very Merry Christmas

I found one big roll of wrapping paper at Target (can you tell!) and still have a ton left over.

One of the only safe places to keep everyone's gifts was on top of Wilbur's crate (a place he avoids at all costs but still ended up spending some time out on Christmas Eve**).

**where bad little pitties go who eat things they aren't allowed to.

Hans is a Leo so I was very happy to find a cute little lion ornament that I taped to one of his gifts.

Wilbur was very happy too (STUFFY!).


We caught him with Hans' lion before he did too much damage.

Monopoly! For the boat!

When I first met Hans a few years ago he reminisced about the time he and his two brothers nearly came to blows over a game of Monopoly. Insults (Socialist! Greedy Pig!...) flew and the game only ended when the board, tokens, motels, and money went flying in all directions.

Of course I thought this was terribly endearing and asked, "How old were you?" expecting to hear they were perhaps ten or twelve.

"Oh, it was just a couple of years ago," was the answer.

Last year when I mentioned to Hans' younger brother that we like to play Scrabble and that I hate to lose he said, "Whatever you do don't ever play Monopoly with him, a few years ago he actually made me cry."

So here I am with my present and Hans insisted on taking pictures.

If I'd know pictures were involved I would have done something with my hair.

Wow! A box full of newspaper!

Oops! Here's another present.

I remember doing this very same thing to my grandmother years ago.

Uh-oh, a VistaPrint box.

Please tell me he didn't get me dirty business cards.

Sonofagun another present.

I wondered why the hell I could hear Hans cutting and taping for so long when I knew he only had a couple of presents to wrap.

And finally the last box.

A dolphin pendant for my necklace.

In years past, Hans has given me a sailboat and a light house, and I'm hoping dolphins really are good luck because I'll be wearing this when we get back on the boat.

Wilbur loves the holidays.

At Labor Day he (stole) ate most of a pumpkin pie.

At Thanksgiving he (stole) ate most of a butterscotch creme pie.

And last night on Christmas Eve he ate (stole) a whole bowl of shrimp.

Ahhh! Visions of thirty shrimp tails are dancing and hopefully digesting in his head!


  1. Love the pendant! How appropriate for your upcoming travels. Wilbur evidently knows good food! Looks like he may have had a little too much "egg nog"! =) Looks like a great day! Hope your upcoming year is great in the Bahamas!