Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!

My first memory of New Year's Eve is of me and my sister spending the night with our great-grandmother (my mother's grandmother). We would ring in the New Year with Grandma Mabel, Jackie Gleason, Lawrence Welk, and Grandma's tuna macaroni salad with Ritz crackers.

My favorite New Year's Eve memories are the years my son (who will be 28 this April) and I spent watching Nickelodeon's Count Down while we held night long Yahtzee marathons.

This New Year's Eve finds Hans, Wilbur, and me in our little apartment along with my youngest daughter, who, while on Christmas break, is apparently suffering from a nasty bout of food poisoning (I'm not sure if she'll ever order a grilled chicken sandwich from a mini mart again). So far today, all she's been able to ingest is: one bite of toast, some Gatorade, and a half can of coke. Wilbur has been full of sympathy and has spent far too much of his time with his head deep in the toilet with my baby girl who could really do without his concern.

Maybe not the best way to start off a new year but hopefully things will get better.

This Thursday, Hans, Wilbur, and I will drive to Charleston, South Carolina where our Knotty Cat has been languishing since the beginning of November. We will then restart our journey south to Florida, and hopefully the Bahamas.


  1. Hi Laura! Hope your daughter feels much better soon. Wishing you, Hans, and the sweetly sympathetic Wilbur a wonderful New Year, and that all of your adventures on the Knotty Cat will be without problems or hard times! Travel safely and I can't wait to read about your first adventure of 2011!



  2. Thanks Cyndi. I'm glad to report my daughter woke up in much better shape today! As for the boat, I hope she decides to behave a little better for us this time.

  3. Glad to hear your daughter's feeling better! Wow, it's already time for your next sailing trip! Looking forward to hearing about it and wish you well.

  4. Yes, my daughter is feeling better but just read my next post!