Wednesday, November 28, 2012

We be Lovin' our Florida Winter

After our wonderful week of vacation (ala our Thanksgiving Turkey Tour) we are now truly enjoying the Florida weather here in, uuuhhhm, well, Florida.

And let me tell you, it's been absolute heaven.  

For me it's kind of like giving birth; even though I've somehow managed to live through 2 beyond hellishly hot summers here in the Sunshine State (on a boat!!!!!!!), I've forgotten the bad stuff and only want to embrace the good.

Our days are full of sunshine, our evenings and mornings are now cool, and all we need in addition to a hot blooded pit bull for warmth at night is a blanket.  And we always have a hatch or two open for fresh air.

However, if Wilbur had any say in the matter, I'm pretty sure he'd have a complaint.  Our poor pittie truly has a problem with the cold. He shivers and trembles and burrows under blankets in even the most tepid of temperatures and has shown no desire to venture into our cockpit to 'take care of business' if it's even remotely chilly out.  
Actually, as far as Wilbur is concerned, 'taking care of business' is much more satisfying in a comfy warm berth.  

But we'll say no more on that matter.

Wilbur with his portable heater. Only 72 degrees?? Stop the Abuse!!!!
A 'crackling' Yankee Candle.
A former classmate of mine, knowing that I'm missing my fireplace, sent us this candle for the holidays.  Next summer we hope to attend my 35 year (how is that possible?) high school reunion and take a tour of her and her husband's working dairy farm. This farm is now on its eighth generation of family ownership.
And for those of you unfamiliar with farming; they operate 24/7.
All year long.
I grew up in farm land but Hans didn't so he's really looking forward to next summers visit.  I know he'll get a kick out of how far science has come to impact the farming community over the years.


Since I detest sweating for no reason at all; during the summer I now fully understand the need for siestas.

But now that it's fall and I have my sweating down to a minimum, I'm thrilled that the light bulb on my sewing machine isn't adding unwanted heat to our boat and I can actually plug in my iron without fear of melting.

Some actual sewing going on here
Nautical potholders made for a going 'aweigh' (I'm so clever) present 
A little more sewing.  Christmas potholders
And even more sewing!!!  Some wallets (these are only the beginning).
In addition to sewing, I've swabbed our decks more than once (just because I can!!!), biked to the library, walked a very naughty dog, and have actually enjoyed sitting in the cockpit during the evening.

What's not to love about a Florida Winter?


  1. Hi Laura! I've just caught up on all of your posts, and so glad you and Hans had a great Thanksgiving! Wilbur looks cool in his green jacket!

    Don't you love candles ... so pretty at night and a great idea from your friend since you don't have a fireplace!

    We don't have davits and have only tested out our new dinghy and motor once last year. We can relate to the drama of getting the motor on the dinghy!

    Enjoy the great weather and the holidays!

  2. Cheryl, we way over bought the whole dinghy motor thing. It weighs around 80 pounds and we have to use our main halyard in order to lower it onto the dinghy. But doing this in any kind of weather (let alone wake from another boat) suddenly makes life interesting what with the dinghy bouncing up and down. And since we still don't have davits Hans is always coming up with creative ways to secure the dinghy.

  3. Love those potholders :) The only thing I've been able to sew since we left was a quick catnip toy for the princess. She wasn't overly impressed.