Monday, November 19, 2012

Turkey Tour (Day One)

Not guilty.

We want to spend Thanksgiving in Anclote Key.  We would love to sail but Anclote is north of us and guess where the wind is coming from. Yep, the north.  We wanted to get a few hours in before dropping anchor but after motoring a whole 2 hours (yes, 2 hours!) yesterday, we stopped.

Just like that.

Later on we were playing our usual at anchor Scrabble game and hoping the molar Hans broke earlier while scarfing down peanuts won't give him a problem for the rest of this voyage:

Hans:  I think we should let everyone think you were at the helm when we ran aground.

Me:  Too late, I've already posted on Facebook.

Not guilty



  1. I know Anclote Key Preserve State Park very well, I was the Park Manager for the island for several years. Have you been there before? If you get a chance, Caladesi Island State Park marina is very nice with some amenities like floating docks with power and water and one of the best beaches in the state.

    1. No, we've never been there. We've heard how nice it is, and Tarpon Springs too.