Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Turkey Tour (Day Four)

We were quite happy to leave our anchorage and head north for Tarpon Springs.  We've decided to spend the night at a marina as we're not really finding an ideal place to anchor.  Anyway, the day before Thanksgiving is usually pretty festive and we'd like to enjoy walking around.

A chilly Wilbur thanks God that my hoodie isn't pink.

This particular waterway isn't called The Narrows for nothing. Look how close these markers are.

Going past some charming sights in Tarpon Springs on the way to our marina.

You can't see it but I'm holding a real alligator head (yuck) and asking Hans which of us has bigger teeth.

Poor Hans
Hmmmmm, I wonder if he went out of the channel?

I love a pet friendly restaurant and Wilbur does too!
We had no idea Tarpon Springs had a Greek origin and I didn't feel like I was in Florida at all; it felt very European most likely because we aren't sweltering in the heat anymore.  We also didn't realize that a huge sponge industry got its start here back in the early 1900's.  And let me tell you I've never seen so many sponges in my life. Thousands. From the tiniest that would fit into the palm of your hand to the largest that could fill a bushel basket. We had a nice time wandering around and I ended up buying some heavenly smelling goat milk soaps (from Bath Etc) for Christmas presents. What's really great to know is that if I ever want to go back it's less than an hour car drive away!!

We finally decided we're going to spend Thanksgiving at anchor at Three Rooker Bar.  We motored past it on our way to Tarpon Springs and it has a pretty view of white sandy beaches and promises of a good holding in everything but east winds (and it's been north winds this whole week).

While we were motoring along today I peeled and cut up a bag of Macintosh apples.  Hans told me we had two hours before we were due to arrive at our marina so I popped my apple pie into the oven (I use my loaf pan for pies).  A couple of minutes later we made a turn, the current gave us a huge push and Hans informed me we would now arrive in about 40 minutes.  

All ended well though because the pie finished cooking shortly after we docked.

A heart is a lot easier to cut into a pie crust than a turkey. This is my pie in its pre-cooked stage.

I still use my nearly 35 year old Betty Crocker Cook Book and needless to say, the pie chapter pages have the most stains.


  1. Three Rooker is a great place and many boats go there during the summer weekends. It was a very important bird nesting area several years ago, but I'm not sure if it still is. It looks like you guys are having a great time.

    1. We read about it in one of our cruising guides and it sounds like it should work for us. We also read that it can be very busy at times but we're hoping that's not the case today. We are having fun and it's great to be moving around again.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Laura, Hans and Wilbur. Hope you enjoy your day and celebration at anchor!

    1. Thank you! We ended up in a great anchorage and it's been a wonderful Thanksgiving for us!

  3. Nice posts and photos from your trip. I can't believe that Wilbur needs that jacket in Florida!

  4. Greg, Honest to God you wouldn't believe what a wuss Wilbur truly is. He hates hot weather yet trembles like you wouldn't believe when it gets cool. He's one spoiled dog but we love him.