Saturday, September 17, 2011

New neighbors

But first an update on our water situation.

And let me tell you, it's weird.

Hans got online, found a site that supported our type of hot water tank, and made a phone call. The very nice lady that answered told him that she thought we had an air lock. She told him to simply shut off the water (already done) turn on the nearest faucet to the tank (our sink in the port side head), drain the hot water tank via its pressure valve, then close the faucet, turn the water pressure back on (a nerve wracking thought), and see what happens.

What happened was, we no longer had a leak.

I refilled our water tank and it appears we lost about 50 gallons of water during our siege of terror (at least that's what Wilbur is calling it and he blames his bout of diarrhea as a direct result of this trauma).

Still no leak.

We made sure to run enough water to fill the hot water tank, turned it on, and I was able to wash dishes!

And BTW, I love to wash dishes, I don't know why but I really do.

All that's left to do now is to replace our bilge pump. And no, I'm sorry but, there will be no reprieve for Little Miss Snotty.

So now, let me introduce our new neighbor, Mr. Boots.

Mr. Boots lives on the boat right beside us and he's very social, and very vocal.

What I mean is, he's very social with Hans and me, and he's very vocal with Wilbur. But I can't repeat what he says to Wilbur as this is pretty much a G rated blog.

Actually, he doesn't even have a name but after noticing that it appeared he was wearing hip waders, I dubbed him, Mr. Boots.

Mr. Boots showed up two years ago in the middle of a cold Florida winter (is there really such a thing?), and after a spell of very nasty weather, he moved aboard the boat that resides in the slip next to us. He has since become a marina fixture.

And like all marina cats we've encountered in our travels, he is one tough dude.

Wilbur so wants to be friends but check out Mr. Boots' expression.

"Go ahead and make my day, Sissy Boy!" Mr. Boots laughed at Wilbur's wagging behind. "I'll kick your Pitty Butt now and ask questions later!"

Wilbur's feelings were quite hurt and he went down below to watch Pit Boss on Animal Planet. At least Shorty appreciates the pitty.

Mr. Boots.

Water Update:

This morning before we left for West Marine and Winn-Dixie (I feel so southern just saying Winn-Dixie!) we decided to turn off the water pressure... just in case. And damn if the hot water tank didn't start leaking again. So for the remainder of the day we were again without water. Tonight after we drained the tank and let it cool down we repeated yesterdays procedure and voila we no longer have a leak. Again.

We're not sure what's going on but for now we're going to leave the pressure on until we get some more information.

The bilge pump is another story.


  1. Maybe you should take the snotty tank to the dumpster too.

    The question for the manufacturer is why did it leak in the first place. If it happens once, what's to stop it from happening twice? For the record you know houses have problems too.


  2. If the tank weren't fiberglassed into the gut of the Knotty Cat, I would be sorely tempted to dump it. Why did it leak? It's old is the most likely answer, but who knows.
    And I certainly do know that houses have problems too, why do you think we sold both of ours?! One 'home' at a time is all we can handle, especially one that can sink.

  3. The manufacturer seems to have an understanding as to exactly why it is leaking and that is why they were able to give you a temperary solution. It would seem to involve a heat or pressure sensative valve.

    I used to have sinking boat dreams all the time. They were made worse by the fact that I had no insurance. (25 years ago).


  4. We think our eldest pit bull Toni would have loved cats, but her first encounter was with a Chicago version of Mr. Boots (his name was Edgar). So instead she's petrified of every cat she meets, hiding in the corner and trying to be small (not so simple at 80-ish lbs.). Good luck with the water situation!

  5. Confessed PBA, after last summer Wilbur has become very wary of the kitteh! Even at Petco he will drop to his tummy and tremble if we get too close to the rescue kitteh cages.
    They say mean things and scare the pitty!