Saturday, September 3, 2011

Finally home.

We've had a lot going on these past two weeks so I apologize for being so behind on our progress.

After 11 days in the water we finally pulled into our marina...and right on schedule for the first time in our sailing lives! And also for the first time, we had very few technical difficulties. Admittedly we motored in with some smoke blowing out the port engine exhaust but the Knotty Cat enjoys the attention.

It's been a crazy summer for us, cleaning out our apartment, dealing with continuing family issues back home, lining up everything we need in Florida, trying to figure out the complicated mess of changing our driver's licenses, registration and what have you for our vehicles, getting the unpleasant news that our car insurance is now doubling!, finding suitable day care for our Wilbur, and wondering why the hell the post office can't seem to understand that when you ask for your mail to be forwarded, you want it forwarded!!! We have stacks of mail sitting in Pittsburgh that need to be sent to Florida. We are also trying to deal with the heat. It's an odd feeling to be standing still and realize there's not an inch of your body that isn't sweating. I had no idea my ankles had sweat glands!

Wilbur's tummy isn't too happy either so I ended up spending a agonizing afternoon boiling chicken and rice in hopes that he won't wake us up again in the night with an 'emergency'. Even looking at our stove in this heat makes me sick let alone actually using it. Imagine cooking in a sauna and you'll know what I mean.

Hans is currently training on his new job and he thinks he's going to like it. I sure hope so because I don't feel like moving again anytime soon.

I don't even want to know what he's pondering here!

"Hmmm, now that we've lived on a boat, I wonder how she'd feel if I told her it might be fun to live in a tent?"


  1. Hi, this is Sandy and Ray from Megerin. Love reading your blog and glad you are finally there. I sympathize with the florida weather - it is horrible during the summer. Plus we had to deal with the "love bugs" last May and I hear they also hatch again in look out! We will be here in the 'burgh until Nov. then head to the boat in GA, take it south to Ft. Pierce, FL. Take care and really enjoy your blog, it is so funny.

  2. Sandy, good to hear from you. We had fun with the love bugs in May too while we were in Indiantown. They were everywhere and just drove us crazy. I'd rather be in Florida in November myself but here we are.

  3. Glad you made it "home" without any major problems! It does get hot here in the South doesn't it?! We can only imagine the monumental task of moving aboard .. to another state. Looking forward to good times ahead for ya'll!

  4. Cheryl, this has been a rough summer and moving to an area that's so different from where I came from? Not easy.