Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Long time no post...

...for a variety of reasons I must admit.

One of them being, that while at anchor (something we've ended up doing for very long stretches), I only have about 1 hour of computer battery time and add to that, very poor Internet coverage.

The other reason is that I flew home for a week.

Honest to God I did, but only after arranging for a week of Doggy Day Care for Wilbur. My reason for the whole day care thing was that if anything happened to my baby while I was gone I would want to blame anyone but Hans. And believe me, I wouldn't be worth living with!

Here I am (pouting big time because I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE!!!) with by poor baby and his belongings as we walk to his home away from boat.

Sitting atop Wilbur's Steeler's pillow is his stinky potty patch (in the black garbage bag), and underneath all of that is his bag of dog food. The bag I'm carrying holds his Kong, peanut butter, canned pumpkin (tummy troubles!) shampoo, benedryl (allergies!!), and various topical medicines for whatever ailment Wilbur might suffer from while I'm gone.

Poor Wilbur doesn't have a clue.

I endured a total of six flights (to and from, and BTW I hate flying) mostly because I figured if I didn't show up for a couple of very important functions, Baby Girl (senior college student) would some day see fit to put me in the nastiest nursing home she could find.

I didn't breath a sigh of relief until I was back on our boat in Marsh Harbor with Hans and Wilbur. And I might add that even though we've been through some pretty rough seas, nothing can really compare to the wild 6 AM taxi ride I endured from our apartment to the Pittsburgh airport. I'm not kidding when I say my palms were sweating when I saw the speedometer reach 85 MPH as we weaved in and out of traffic on rainy pavement that for some reason causes any and all inhabitants of this great city to drive like senior citizens in Oldsmobile's

Happier Bahamian days with Wilbur at the beach.

More to follow.


  1. Hey Laura! Happy to see you posting again (although I can't say much as I haven't been posting either). Hope you had a good trip back to "the city", but I bet you were more than happy to be back in the warm sunshine with Wilbur and Hans. And I'm sure they are happy to have you back, too!

    Looking forward to hearing about more of your Bahamian adventures!



  2. Cyndi, I was so glad to get back and Hans said he doesn't want to do that again although I found it very interesting when we walked into Snappa's bar after I got back, everyone there knew him. I don't think he suffered.
    Wilbur went through his usual shell shocked couple of days and then got right back into his routine.

  3. Was wondering what you've been up to! Glad you're back safe and sound on the boat.

  4. Thanks Cheryl! I have to admit that not always having cheap (or working) internet is a pain. What did people do before computers!