Thursday, May 5, 2011

Catching up

As I mentioned previously, I was away for a week in the middle of April but boy, oh, boy I couldn't wait to get back to Hans, Wilbur, and the Knotty Cat.

My camera died just before I went home, and while I was gone Hans found a duty free shop and bought me a new one (which immediately gave up the ghost and even went so far as to hiss at me just before it died! And believe me, Fuji will be hearing from us!)

Anyway, Hans was so excited to have me return (every woman should be so lucky) that he waited at Snappa's bar (Marsh Harbor) with the camera ready to go and was able to snap this picture of me just after the taxi dropped me off. I'm not sure but I think if you double click on it you'll be able to see me.

And here I am with my single piece of luggage.

Do I look happy or what??

And in that luggage was a very special present to Wilbur from the Easter Beagle who couldn't make it to the Bahamas this year.

Just look at Wilbur's googley eyes as Hans presents him with 'Lambiekin'.

Wilbur falls madly in love with Lambiekin and he lovingly chews on him/her for hours at a time.

This reminds me so much of when Wilbur was younger and he would 'nurse' his stuffed hedge hog. Honest to God, he would knead his paws like a new born puppy and then fall asleep with it in his mouth.

Look at that little piggy nose!

He also had a stuffed toy we called 'Crabby Cake' but one day poor old Crabby Cake ended up 'swimming with the fishes'.

We still don't understand why that happened.

Anyway, Wilbur has a penchant for performing squeaker-ectomies on his stuffies (I think it might be part of his having been accepted into Harvard's Medical School and trying to get a leg up on everyone else) and poor Lambiekin eventually underwent this very same procedure.

But then Wilbur had to be a show off and went a step further and performed liposuction on Lambiekins thighs. His procedure was such a success that he repeated it on Lambiekins arms, and then all of a sudden, Lambiekin was no more.


Lambiekin now rests in Davy Jones Locker somewhere on the east coast of Florida.

Let's hope his/her death wasn't in vain.

All I know is, Wilbur's gonna have to find a stronger source of comfort.


  1. Our lab does the SAME thing with the squeakers...although she "amputates" any limbs/ears on her stuffed toys (thankfully leaves the stuffing alone). We're constantly stitching them up to make them last longer.

  2. The Easter Beagle ... how cute! You do look very happy to be back with your boys. =)

  3. Hi, Guys! I've been back in the keys for 3 weeks, but heading for home next week. I plan to get Harvey in shape to do the Bahamas trip next winter--will you be going back? All my best to you and Wilbur


  4. NG, I tried re-stuffing and sewing but the little bugger teases at the new stitches with his tiny front teeth and before you know it, it's dead again!
    Cheryl, indeed I was!
    Greg, we're thinking of doing the FL Keys next year, I guess we'll be swapping places with you. Anyway, you'll end up making tons of friends as everyone from Bahamians to cruisers are really nice.