Monday, November 1, 2010

A lot of good sailing.

We arrived in Coinjock by 3 PM yesterday and were actually a bit early as we were able to sail quite a ways through North Landing River. We docked at the Midway Marina which actually had quite a bit of space available. The Coinjock Marina is the only other marina at this point and it was packed tight and boats were even rafted up together. I think the Coinjock is supposed to have a fabulous restaurant so that might be why. We sure didn't feel like dropping our dinghy in the water in order to cross the channel to find out. We ate leftover chile and spaghetti.

We left Coinjock this morning at 8:15 AM and sailed through the dreaded Albemarle today with absolutely no trouble. We had steady North East winds at around 15-20 knots with some 25 knots gusting, so we ran with the jib all the way out.

We thought we should have been sailing faster than we were and when Hans just now turned on the engines, our port propeller made some complaining noises and spit out a crab pot! That damn thing slowed us down by a whole knot.

I don't like crab pots but I do love crabs because they're so cute. We bought Wilbur a very expensive stuffed crab this summer after visiting Tangier Island. Wilbur loved his 'Crabby Cake' and would lovingly chew it for hours.

Recently things cooled down between the two of them and Wilbur yanked the stuffing right out of poor Crabby Cake.

We were in the Midway Marina's tiny little bar and enjoying a drink when I spotted this guy.

Today we decided to head east toward Roanoke instead of using the Alligator River. Since the winds are supposed to be favorable we're going to take Pamlico Sound at the Inner Banks in order to avoid a chunk of Intracoastal travel and save a little bit of time.

We just docked in Broad Creek as there are no anchorages what so ever here. Tomorrow we continue through Pamlico Sound and will decide whether to reconnect with the Intracoastal at that point or catch it later on.

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  1. So glad you're having better sailing conditions! Looks like Wilbur has a new crab!