Thursday, November 4, 2010

"It all started with a can of cling peaches...."

I was opening a can of peaches this morning when Hans repeated that Edith Bunker quote to me. Does anyone remember that episode from All in the Family? Possibly the funniest one ever. And that's a little how this whole sailing life feels right now, only with us, 'It all started with a pitcher of beer and some wings....'. That's when we got the brilliant idea to buy a boat and sail away!
But we are making steady progress and that's a good thing.
Last night we ended up anchoring in a tiny bay off of Adams Creek called Back Creek (every body of water in the US has a Back Creek). It was only 4 feet deep and this morning after the horrendous pea soup fog lifted we were able to pull the anchor out of the muck and move on. It's a good thing we have such a shallow draft as by then it was under 4 feet deep because of the tide.
Once we were back in Adams Creek a 2 knot current and a 20 knot south wind slowed us down a lot.
We watched out for the huge piling (it looked like a telephone pole) that we heard about on the radio that was floating along in the channel but were able to easily miss it. When we reached Beaufort the tides coming in and out of various waterways decided to have a huge battle. Turning from Beaufort and heading further south we fought 3 knot currents and a continuing strong south wind.

In order to preserve our salon seats (mostly because of Wilbur) I made covers for them out of a couple of old king size sheets.

Here is a before picture.

And the after. If I ever do this again I will use better fabric but this will do for me now.

I bought these bins at a Dollar Tree and they fit into the refrigerator perfectly!

And what a difference cooler weather makes. We only bought one bag of ice and my handy dandy little ice maker is taking care of the rest!

We saw our first pelicans two days ago. This little guy shivered on top of this piling while his friends chased a crabber's boat.

After motoring 41 miles in ugly gray rainy weather we are staying at Dudley's Marina (there is no anchoring here as the water outside the channel is one foot), and I really hope I get to wash my hair!


  1. Good idea with the bins in the refrigerator... so neat and organized. I might even be able to handle making some sheet covers like the ones you have. Might just have to try this Spring!

  2. Right now the bins work nicely since the refrigerator isn't fighting 100 degree summer temps. I may be back to soft coolers packed with ice when the weather gets warmer.