Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sailing along.

The people at Stepps Harbor View Marina said it was fine for Wilbur to swim in their pool.

This was a first for us.

Anyway this dog can swim like the dickens. He's like a mini locamotive and after one swim it was difficult to keep him out.

Here is Wilbur and I at Belmont Bay Harbor. We ended up having to tie up as there was no place to anchor. Super nice people and very pet friendly.

Gentlemen, take note that the dock girls all wear bikinis and look as cute as can be! I have a feeling we'll be back.

Here's Hans at the Jefferson memorial. He thought he should pay his respect to the founder of his alma mater, University of Virginia.

This is a house boat at the Capital Yacht Club in DC. There are a few of them around and while they're cute they tend to be a problem so they've grandfathered the ones that are there. and no more are allowed to dock here.

This was right after we sailed under the Woodrow Wilson Bridge.

The Capital Yacht Club. We anchored in the Washington Channel and for $15.00 per day we had full use of their fabulous facilities. Last night we attended a spaghetti dinner and met some of the members. I used the laundry room and Hans sat in the air conditioned dining room where he worked on his computer.

I'm amazed at how friendly everyone is at the marinas we've visited (and we've been to a lot!).

Boating people really are the best!

Wilbur is ready to pull the winch handle out at a moments notice.

He's quite the salty dog.


  1. I love seeing your adventures! Who knew Wilbur would be such a great swimmer; I guess he really did get his sea legs.

  2. So glad you're enjoying the boat! Sounds like all the kinks have been worked out, and looks like a great time!