Monday, July 19, 2010

A busy weekend

This weekend we had guests aboard the Knotty Cat.

Hans hockey friend Bob came along and brought his son Sean, and Sean's friend John.

Thank God we were able to fix the water pump that decided to go on strike the night before they were due to arrive. This time it threw its belt, and after descending into the engine/sauna room, tearing the little bastard to pieces and giving it what for, Hans got it to working again and it's not even leaking now!

Day one: no wind and we had to motor.

Wilbur made up for this disappointment by showering everyone with much wanted slobbery kisses, and showing everyone his lap dog impersonation.

Day two: we has some wind, and we were able to sail along at a nice clip. Wilbur celebrated by giving everyone slobbery kisses and to every ones delight, demonstrated his potty patch abilities!

We were able to get a game of Scrabble in on Saturday night (I lost but only because I was trying to be a good hostess), but our Sunday 'lets play in the cockpit with a flashlight because it's so stinking hot down below' game of TriBond (which John went and bought for us!) was interrupted by a thunderstorm that came with threats of 60 knots of gusting wind! We were in a very protected anchorage and only had a small amount of wind and our anchor held just fine.
Maybe the next time Bob comes along, he and Hans can play some chess.

Suddenly it was time for our guests to leave and Wilbur showed his disappointment by flinging himself about like a lunatic. I know it never fazed him and he didn't feel a thing, but I have a huge lump on my shin where he ran into me with his big stupid head!

Here is Hans dinghying about.

Tangier's Island is in our future so Wilbur is doing a bit of research by reading Isle of Dogs by Patricia Cornwell.

Oops, Wilbur's been warned that the people of Tangier's are not at all happy with how they were depicted in the book and we have to get rid of it before we get there!


  1. I love those captions; his expressions are hilarious!

  2. Wilbur is too cute! Scrabble is a great game for the sailboat. I got a travel edition this past Christmas, per my request. Hope you're enjoying D.C.!