Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hoppy Easter!!


This week I discovered I have the biggest refrigerator, the biggest oven, and apparently the biggest mouth here in our marina because for today's Easter get together I'm in charge of cooking the 12 pound ham.


Maybe I should have mentioned with that big mouth that I've never cooked a ham in my life.


That little heart sticker on Wilbur's head signifies he was a good boy and took his heart worm medicine.



Wilbur thinks I'm a fabulous cook and has volunteered to be the official taste tester. As long as it's covered in whipped creme, he says, life is good.






  1. With you in charge, I bet it was a great Easter ham! Wilbur looks like he was ready for some ... =)

    1. Luckily all that was truly required was reheating it as it was pre-baked. And Wilbur has received more than his fair share.