Friday, March 28, 2014

Trying to Maintain a Blog on Blogsy


I've never been a whiz on the computer but I'm amazed how over time, instead of becoming more proficient at all things electronic, I seem to be sliding downhill far too quickly.

My laptop died last year and I've been relying on my iPad 2 for everything. So, for posting on my blog I can't just jump onto Blogger because it's not supported on my iPad which means I have to use an app called Blogsy. I read the reviews and people (computer savvy people I should add) looooooove it! Oh, it's the best! I watched many youtube videos and yes it did look easy. Until I tried to use it. I'm a person who learns from repetition and it's difficult to use a program that updates itself frequently. I swear everytime I try to post, something has changed; from my choice of font, how to link, to posting pictures, and I can't believe it doesn't have spell check.

Yesterday was a fine (or rather excruciating) example of my attempt at Blogsy. I had a post all written, edited, and saved. When I posted it, half my text was gone and none of my pictures had captions. I jumped back onto Blogsy and sure enough half my post was gone. So I tried to rewrite it and post again. By the time I was done I discovered my blog now had three posts reflecting various drafts (one of them completely in italics!). I was able to delete one of them and then I gave up for fear I'd lose everything.


Wilbur expresses his opinion of Blogsy

So here I am giving it one more go. Oh, and a few days ago I bought the goWriter app (because the reviews said people looooove it! It's the best!). Well, you should have seen me try to use it. I'm seriously thinking I need to find a cave wall and buy a chisel.



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